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xHamster story-teller wanted!

Dare to say you know xHamster well enough?
Well, prove it! A call for creative writers! Wanna work with xHamster videos and descriptions? Add your funny, extraordinary and crazy twist to our content!

What you need to do:

• Suggest a title and a description for the videos given below:






Think out of the box! We need something special and non standard!

• Tell us about yourself in three sentences
• Send it to writer@xhamster.com

Once reviewed and selected, you will be hired to work for xHamster.
Be part of our team – let`s create a porn future together!

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1 dia atrás
Above story does not intest me, too hard core,...
1 dia atrás
Don't feel bad. I had about 30 stories posted on here and now that they are looking for writers NONE of them are available anymore. Any story I click on that I have listed on my profile gets a message saying, "Post was deleted or you are not allowed to see it". I'm the fucking writer! I didn't delete it and as the owner I should sure as hell be able to view it. So, why did they delete yours or mine? They wont' tell us.
1 dia atrás
i'm from spain
1 dia atrás
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Blonde girl with holes for you
Black stallions orgy with small angel babe
3 dias atrás
i am from Germany
4 dias atrás
relaxed anal afternoon
big & black for two
beautiful tiny tits endulges in bbc
little blondie learns it rough
white bitch on black stallion farm
8 dias atrás
tight tiny teens ass torn by trojan cock,
moore and danger share and care for bbc,
bbc buried in beautiful blonde babe as boyfriend watches,
perky pigtailed princess pummeled in both holes,
angel smalls stretched and spoiled by bbc gangbang,
12 dias atrás

dainty lil gal gets tight gripping anus roughfuck stretched

a lil gal named ___ submits to full anal domination by a real mean fucker and the lil gal don't seem to get too pissed
16 dias atrás
started another story
19 dias atrás
I will try my level best to find a job in xhamster and enjoy porn.
24 dias atrás
would this make a good story teller love some nice opinion
25 dias atrás
What about paid holidays, vacations, profit sharing, etc... Will I get to meet some of the models featured on your site, or can I choose one as an assistant?

25 dias atrás
well I may sound a bit silly and maybe dumb a good start to this conversion but over the last few years I had enough experiences to last me for a long time to come I have written some stories about what we have done, and they are true the bad thing is my blooming Grammar is lacking in some areas say no more I find it interesting in what people write about same old things
but hey you don't want hear any more from me have fun and be safe bye Cath
27 dias atrás
Lmao!! Some of these comments are abso-fucking-lutely hilarious! Just some true dumb as dirt thinking had to transpire to generate these thoughts. Then that same brain made a decision to pass those thoughts to the fingertips inevitably making its way onto my screen. FUCK... stupidity is only funny for so long. thanks for the headache!
Holy Hallelujah Hell is Here...

user cockinerbutt: with such professional demeanor says it's "Up His Alley"(lmao) as he asks for compensation and his work schedule. He continues with "I will take place in this competition" as though it goes against his Ivory League Lawyer Teams advice. You hear that Xham, listen up, he's about to do you a favor. Somebody get this guy a Corner Office at Corporate already Fuck! Lmmfao!

roosterfish: xham really Ruffled his Feathers when they didn't post his "original works" lol, ok Rembrandt... come down. BREAKING NEWS, this just in. You can post your own! Lolol

Miller7099: good job, you understand and can follow simple instructions... unlike the few I mentioned above.

xxxme: thank you and good luck

idiot users asking about payment: consider this contest... an audition for a chance to submit an application. To ask about pay rate or payroll at this point in a real job seeking scenario is like asking for the employer to toss your app in the trash! Lol
28 dias atrás
Language? Also German ore only in English? Greetings Bisexuallars
29 dias atrás
1 mês atrás
1 mês atrás
mail me love to help for free
1 mês atrás
I would like more information. This sounds right up my alley. I am an erotic fiction writer, so coming up with hot titles and descriptions would be a cake walk. Just would like to know if there is compensation, what is the work schedule like? It sounds like fun and I'd love to help. I will take place in this competition but if there's a job available, I'd like more details. Please send me a message when convenient. Thanks!
1 mês atrás
I submit stories and you never posted, that are my original works.
1 mês atrás
I have a story on Beast forum with 50000 views
1 mês atrás
hi I like to write taboo erotic stories; Do you mean mums, dads, sons, and daughters or some real deep taboo?
1 mês atrás
1 mês atrás
en français est-ce possible ?
1 mês atrás
have sent in a few suggestions - hope you pick me
1 mês atrás
I love to write erotica. I have some stories here on Hamster and they're a decent example of my style. None of the videos you've selected would work for me. I'm more of a nice girl/tease type of writer but I'd like to take a shot at working for Hamster. Could you suggest a different clip for me to name and write about? Or could I pick one and do an example story? Thanks, Lecoach
1 mês atrás
1 mês atrás
1 mês atrás
Hello! still considering taking new writers? How long do you need for the descriptions?
2 meses atrás
Hopefully you pick me !!!!! <3