Superbowl Spike!

A funny thing happened when we looked at our traffic from Boston and Philadelphia last night. As would be expected, traffic to xHamster dropped during the game, and rose after. What we didn't expect was the response from women! After the game ended last night, women began flooding xHamster looking for a little endzone relief of their own? Was it the competitive adrenaline? The tight uniforms? The lockerroom shots? Or maybe the fact that the men were too busy watching post-game coverage. Either way, it looks like (heterosexual) men are missing out on what could be one of the sexiest nights of the year.

Superbowl Spike!

And if you look at at traffic nationally, it looks like women get started even earlier. Even before the game's finished, women all over the country were quietly excusing themselves to watch a little xHamster.

Superbowl Spike! 2

Questions? Comments? Have a good theory as to why this is happening? Reach out or contact us in the comments below!

Alex Hawkins
Vice President, xHamster

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a lynxxHamster: February 9, 2018, another "Black Friday" for Wall Street, as I said :
Trump is a big problem.
a lynxxHamster: Ah,ah, yes, I was joking and for a strange coincidence Trump is a big problem out of the USA, because Obama sent drones to defend us (drones are not men, it's an important difference), surely Trump will never help Europe if some fool will decide to attack Europe.
Cause this reason I can't laugh about Trump, because he's dangerous, a lot.
So, the first rule of the e-commerce is to avoid flags, opinions, statistic(s), policy and (at the end) cold numbers, because they make "opinions" and commerce is not an opinion is a money deal.
a HeavyKing55: Hey, we had the previous post dedicated to the Trump porn parody! Have you checked it yet?
My opinion :
Alex doesn't realize to be on a porn site, he talks about everything but the porn.
Dear Alex, almost 6 billions of persons don't know what's a superbowl on this planet but they know what's a cunt, a dick and an ass.
When I will see someone naked on this blog instead of charts?
Wait, do you have a fetish about charts? 
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