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No Bed for you - Get on the Floor!

My submissive 2 ( @hers2use4all - pictured here: http://xhamster.com/photos/view/5973341-103374104.html#content ) graduated to a new level when at our most recent session I announced he was no longer permitted to be in bed except for when he was actively servicing me. All other times he is to be on the floor. he loved this and it was really fun to implement!
I really enjoy how the higher in status and more improved in service a submissive gets, is reflected in a reduction of title and removal of the privilege of comforts for non-submissives. It's totally delightful to me, and comes as a surprise as many moments of this D/s (or other spiritual) journey goes.
Comentado por endowedgoddess 8 meses atrás
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7 meses atrás
sounds like you found a winner and appreciative submissive.
7 meses atrás
It seems that he was very ready to push the envelope, and just waiting for your instruction. Glad it worked out
8 meses atrás
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