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Becoming Madisons Daddy Part 6

Sexo em grupoTravestisAnal

Morning arrived Madi was asleep naked wearing nothing but her cockrestraint lying on her back in bed . She looked so smooth and beautiful .Even without make up ,8with her dark black hair and beautiful asian eyesthe only thing that identified her as a boy was her cock she was in everyother way a girl now . I was getting hard just admiring her " wake upMadi I need to fuck you:" "Daddy im tired " "Dont fucking backchat" I saidI jumped up on my knees opened her legs and held her arms down on the bedat the side of her head . She opened her eyes " daddy please let me sleep"I slapped her gently Grabb… Ler mais

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Being Amanda's bitch

AnalPrimeira vezTravestis

Being Amanda's Bitch. As I sat there, slumped back in the leather car seat, my body shuddering in post orgasm shudders, turning my head lazily to the right I noticed Amanda staring at me her head cocked to one side, a wicked smile playing across her lips. “You're not done already baby, are you?” Amanda's velvety voice cut through the silence. Her golden hair falling in front of her face, I could just about make out that smile dancing across her lips, as she reached across and started to fondle my balls. They were still slick with my seamen and Amanda's saliva. “N…. Not done in the slightest… Ler mais

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White Wife Teases Younger Black Guy - Part 1

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This is a fictional story sent to my wife by a black guy in his early 20s that she is sexting with. There are many parts to this story and I will post them in order when I get the chance. He is teasing my wife with this story because he was a college basketball player and she is really a teacher. He knows we are posting it here. The names are made up. White Wife Teases Younger Black Guy - Part 1 Rebecca and Dan Coral are a young married couple. The both just turned thirty and had been together since meeting in college. The were both going to school to become teachers and had since both gott… Ler mais

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She used me for her pleasure

FetichePrimeira vezSexo em grupo

It was late at night I was driving back home as i hear something at my car as it stops. It was broken and i start walking back home i was in the middle of nowhere. As I was walking a car passses by and i see a pretty girl in there as she stops. -Bad day huh?-she says,as i could see she was wearing a tight black dress and black stockings and long latex boots. -Yeahh, can u offer me a ride home -iIsaid to her. -common in. As we drive she would ask me many things her name was Rachel. we would chatt a little bit.As than i see she got our of the road and was driving in the woods. -Where are we goin… Ler mais

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She played with my ass

AnalFetichePrimeira vez

When i finished my high school on the summer I decided to go at my parents house at the beach for some holidays.We had a vacation house there and there werent many houses in that part of the beach it were really quite. As i was all alone there on my vacation i used to masturbate a lot and back on those days i was still a virgin. I walk by one day to a pretty dark hair girl, she had green eyes big tits round ass and a really fit strong body.She had so much more muscles than which i was so skinny.She says hello to me as i was her neighbor and i i say hello and i blush as she looks at me.I really… Ler mais

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She stopped the car and used me

AnalFetichePrimeira vez

Back when I was in high school I was a shy guy and had no girlfriend. It was just me and my hand back than.I had some friends i used to go out and friend which was a girl but not my girlfriend, her name was Ashly. As one day she invites me to go to a party and told me she was bringing her friend Anna. And when I met Anna i saw it was a tall dark hair girl with big round ass and nice tits and black lipstick over her lips.Her eyes where green and she was wearing everything black,black tight dress , black long boots and i could clearly see her black bra.we get inside to the party and started to d… Ler mais

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Suprise Cuckold

Primeira vez

Had my first every craiglist meeting. Fabulous and I guess a bit like winning the lottery i.e. chance in a million. Meet in male mode a couple where the guy could not get it up any longer and wanted to watch his wife fucked and she need some cock so badly or so it turn out. She was an Asian in origin from Thailand I think and I’m guessing a catalogue bride. Now her in her forties and him in his seventies she was not getting a lot. From the advert and the original message exchange I was thinking he was driving this and want to watch his wife fuck as he could not. But not the case, this was very… Ler mais

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My crossdresser son

FeticheHomem GayTabu

Here I bring something that I found on the web and that warmed me a lot: The name is Francis, french 41yo , I work as a bank risk manager in France, I'm sorry for my english level which can be insufficient in it's vocabulary. I'm here because my tale is not funny, not happy, very weird and hot. I'm feeling more guilty than ever today for finding my situation sexy. Let me explain it all. My story is pretty complicated so I'll try to sort it up : MY YOUTH - Nothing interesting to explain here, I met a girl, Sarah, I gave my heart to at the age of 18, I was an alpha male chasing prey after pr… Ler mais

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Family life my way Ch. 3


David was at the workshop nice and early. “Morning Mr.Hobbs,” he said seeing his new boss loading some tools into a tool bag. “Morning David, and before we start you can finish with the Mr.Hobbs bit, l feel old enough already having a young whippersnapper like you as a partner. From now on it’s Dan okay.” “Ok Dan,” David answered, liking the idea of a relaxed relationship between them, “what do you want me to do?” Dan explained that he was just getting some tools together then they would be driving out to the house where the job was going to be. Ten minutes later they were in the van, head… Ler mais

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Wife trains my Ass for the Real Thing!

FetichePrimeira vez

"Would you like some ass fucking?" "Well yes," I said, "I didn't think you wanted it." Jane gave my ass cheek a little squeeze. "Dave, I think you've got it backwards," Jane said. " The ass fucking is for you." "No, I don't roll that way," I answered her. "Dave, are you sure?" Jane answered, "because someone with as horny an ass as you have should try it at least once." Jane is my wife of 5 years. She is so beautiful and sexy. I'll try to describe her and do her justice. Jane is 31 years old and is 5' 9" tall. Jane has long dark brown hair and dark brown eyes. She wears her… Ler mais

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Helping a Single Mom (Part 1)


The summer preceding graduation would prove to be enjoyable. Ongoing arguments on the home-front led me to spend most of my time away from home. Rebellion and curiosity heavily influenced my decision making. An inconsistent up-bringing made me naturally independent and mature for my age. These factors combined to make it a summer of many first time experiences. Through a friend from school, I had befriended a group of older people who lived in a nearby trailer park. The close circle of 8 or so friends were in their 20's and 30's. We would not only get together and party often, but also help ea… Ler mais

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Besser spät als nie!


Besser spät als nie! Von Zeit zu Zeit gönne ich es mir schon mal, auf eine SM-Playparty zu gehen. Nachdem meine langjährige Sklavin aus beruflichen Gründen nach Süddeutschland gezogen ist bin ich seit gut 6 Monaten ohne eine feste Spielbeziehung. Die Zeit ist also reif für mich als erfahrenen Dominus, daran etwas zu ändern. So bin ich also vor zwei Wochen mal wieder auf eine solche Party gegangen. Übrigens die gleiche Veranstaltungsreihe, auf der ich vor Jahren meine Brigitta gefunden habe. Was gibt es zu mir zu sagen... nun, ich bezeichne mich als wirklich sehr erfahrenen Mann im Alter von… Ler mais

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Liliandra Teil 1. Entdeckung der Schlampe


Diese Geschichte entstand aus einem Rp mit Liliandra. In der Story Geht es Perverser und Versaut zu Sache und ist nichts für jeden geeignet. Da es ein Laufendes Rp ist kommen noch Fortsetzungen. Marcel Entspannt lenke ich den S4 den meinen Eltern mir zum 20. Geburtstag geschenkt haben durch die Sonnen beschienen Straße des Vorort´s. Es ist gerade 12 Uhr als ich den Wagen in eine der vier Garagen Parke . Das ich heute so früh daheim bin liegt daran das bei mir 2 Vorlesungen ausgefallen. Die ersten zwei gehören unseren Eltern die dritte ist meine und die vierte gehört dir. Das die ersten zwei… Ler mais

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Sina Teil 1. Entdeckung der Schlampe


Diese Geschichte entstand aus einem Rp mit Liliandra. In der Story Geht es Perverser und Versaut zu Sache und ist nichts für jeden geeignet. Da es ein Laufendes Rp ist kommen noch Fortsetzungen. Marcel Entspannt lenke ich den S4 den meinen Eltern mir zum 20. Geburtstag geschenkt haben durch die Sonnen beschienen Straße des Vorort´s. Es ist gerade 12 Uhr als ich den Wagen in eine der vier Garagen Parke . Das ich heute so früh daheim bin liegt daran das bei mir 2 Vorlesungen ausgefallen. Die ersten zwei gehören unseren Eltern die dritte ist meine und die vierte gehört dir. Das die ersten zwei… Ler mais

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Almost fucked my mom, but came too soon...

Primeira vezMadurosTabu

First off, my mom was/is a real slut. My parents divorced when I was young because he found out she had been cheating on him. In fact both of my sisters, which she had while they were married, are from two different men (which my dad didn't find out about until later). I remember going around with her and other boyfriends as a young k** after they divorced and perhaps even before, I'm not sure. In addition, she did/does drink a lot. Not sure I'd say alcoholic, she is a professional and was always very responsible professionally actually. So anyway, she re-married when I was around 8 and rema… Ler mais

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The Bach 2

Sexo lésbicoHardcoreAnal

Janet was at the bar dressed in her blue teddy with matching g string drinking a Woodstock bourbon and coke. Reminding her of the Television advertisement where young men are drinking from can of Woodstock "Is it okay if your friends mom gives you a woody?" Well Janet had taken a few woodies tonight from young men they wanted blow jobs , her pussy got fucked plenty, one guy wanted anal and had nearly fainted when she said he could put his big brown cock in her arse for $10 . A guy about her age sat on the stool between her and Thelma a young girl and he said I want a role-play with you two la… Ler mais

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Sex auf dem Hexenturm


Gestern bin ich zu einem Kurzbesuch in der kleinen Stadt Idstein gewesen. Bei sonnigem Wetter genossen meine Freundin und ich die malerische Altstadt und bummelten gemütlich durch die Straßen. Auf Grund des heißen Wetters hatte meine Freundin einen luftigen Sommerrock an mit einer weißen Strumpfhose darunter. Ich hatte eine kurze Hose, T-Shirt und ein kurzärmliges Jeanshemd an. Nachdem wir eine Weile die Stadt besichtigt hatten, liefen wir durch das alte Kanzleitor in Richtung Hexenturm und Gymnasium. Das Gymnasium ist früher einmal das alte Rezidenzschloss gewesen und sieht entsprechend beein… Ler mais

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My first experience

FetichePrimeira vezTabu

Hello all. I also posted this in the general forum and will keep updating this thread there. So excited that I want everybody to follow this journey with us. It is going to be a lot of fun. Tks I have hoped and waited many years to be able tell a story like this, but only if it were true would it be written. And I am excited to say the day. I have been into our fetish for as long as I can remember and much like most of you, I felt like it was kinda taboo and was fearful of what others may think of me if they knew. Then in 1997 I was introduced to the net and found this site. I was so very e… Ler mais

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Asian wife cums thinking about another dick in her

AnalSexo interracialHardcore

It's been a long time since I did not write a fuck report! Sorry guys for not keeping you up to date with Oxana's sex life, I think I have fucked the wifey about 3 times without writing about it. Most of the time it was simple pussy fuck with short dirty talk and I came in her asian pussy so not much to talk about. But yesterday was more special than usual as we had more time and Oxana really wanted to fuck since the night before. The wife said she was horny since 2 days and last night we were watching a good movie so she d… Ler mais

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Premier travesti

BDSMTravestisPrimeira vez

J'ai rencontré Manuela directement à l'hôtel. Elle m'attendait comme nous avions convenu allongée sur le lit. Comme prévu, j'avais reçu le code de la chambre par sms. A mon arrivée, elle était allongée sur le lit, avec des bottes hautes noires à talons hauts. Les mains étaient sur son ventre avec une paire de menottes pour les attacher. Elle portait une petite culotte rouge en dentelle, dans laquelle je pouvais deviner une belle bite. Elle était torse nu, complètement lisse et avec des pinces à tétons comme nous avions convenu. Elle portait aussi une jupe courte noire retroussée au dessus de… Ler mais

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