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Aunt Paula

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Aunt Paula was in her mid-50s when Uncle Roger died. My family lived about 75 miles from them near the Oregon – California border. They had never had any c***dren and my mother didn’t want Aunt Pasla to be alone after the funeral, so I was volunteered to stay with her for a couple of weeks or so. Aunt Paula is a retired Jr. High School teacher, and a rather large boned woman. With Monster Sized tits that must weigh 30 pounds each, at least in my eyes they looked like it, I was only 18 at this time. And was on my first summer va… Ler mais

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Dear daughter

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Remember birthday spankings? Remember mom or dad or siblings playfully chasing you around to give you the 6 or 7 swats on your behind as you giggle and run away? Well, this is a story about those – kind of – but the spankings number closer to 18. Amy is a red haired beauty. She's about 5'3." At age 18, she's growing into a woman's body and knocking men's socks off. Her hair was wonderful, you could run your fingers through and get lost there for hours. She has a smile that, when it touched her eyes, melted men. Her fingers always moved across her lips or rested against her tongue in what can… Ler mais

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The Twins Invite part one

Sexo em grupoTabu

So I was set up! I don't know how but I was...I'm not complaining by all means though. In fact if I was set up it was a blessing in disguise. I mean kissing and making out with two 18 year old twin brunette women at the same time...come on! The thing is it was who they were that makes it strange and hot at the same time. In fact I knew them very well but not lately however....Sally and Susan was about to have their way with me and I was not going to fight them at all. Because these two women who had the greatest asses and tits I have ever seen that made my cock stand at attention when I saw th… Ler mais

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Party sex

Sexo em grupo

This is a story that is a Mix of several different types of stories. Forced, Bondage, Machine, Gay,Fantasy, Horror and maybe a touch of Alien. We were never sure of its Origin. All we really know for sure is that many people in our town were changed in one way or another. Me and My wife Jan had been married for several years, we had just moved in to a new house, well new for us, it needed some repairs that I could handle on my own, nothing major. There were a couple other houses down at the end of the Cul-de-sack but they were much larger than we could ever afford. Ours sat down a dead end, no… Ler mais

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The Soccer Mom next door

MadurosHardcoreHumor sexual

I live in a typical quiet neighbourhood on the edge of a busy town, my neighbours are all typical busy working families with 2.4 c***dren and mortgage, where as I am a single guy in my early thirties. Now my neighbours to the right of me, John and Lucy Bennet are that typical perfect couple I was talking about, John works in office in town for a financial company making good money, Lucy is a the perfect stay at home mom with one k** at junior school, and between bake sales and soccer practice spends most of her time making sure her house is perfect. Then one day it seem their luck changed, Joh… Ler mais

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Almost Arrested Public Exposure


I enjoy reading about your exploits here in on xhamster. I love true sexual adventures shared in such an open way. I wish there were more folks willing to share as freely. I was recently reminded of the times I thought we were going to jail when caught by a police officer. Yes when your "thing" is public exposure and humiliation such as being nude or at least topless in public places sometimes you must deal with the law. Now I do understand the US Supreme Court has ruled that exposing a woman's breasts by itself is not indecent exposure. Only if a town rules equally for men as they do for w… Ler mais

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My Hot StepSister

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The night was young when my pretty little step-sister walked down the stairs in her little skimpy shorts and tank top asking for a back massage. This was new to me, because I had always been a shut-in and never had girls ask me for anything but the answer to number 6. This was extremely rare and I decided to jump on it with as much enthusiasm as I could. "Yea Amanda!" I croaked as I nearly jumped off the couch. "Great," she said, "soccer really has me tensed up." I looked down at her smooth tan legs and realized for the first time that my step-sister was actually... Well, she was hot! As… Ler mais

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fams oral tradition part 2

TabuPrimeira vezHardcore

CHAPTER FOUR Rod was running a bit late for work by this time and Laura went downstairs to make coffee while he took a quick shower. This was a break from their normal morning routine, when they both showered before they went downstairs and Laura didn't come back up again right away. This variation in the usual morning pattern was going to have fascinating results. The coffee was ready by the time that Rod came down and he gulped a cup quickly, standing in the kitchen, without time enough for breakfast. He kissed Laura-tenderly and without tongue now-and dashed off to work. Laura drank ano… Ler mais

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The Twin Invite part one

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I was up visiting my parents for the weekend, well not visiting mostly working and while I was up there I ran into my parents neighbors. I use to babysit their twin girls Sally and Susan when I was younger. Anyway they were having a 18th party for the two girls and asked if all of us would like to come over. I said," well I don't know I mean my parents are leaving in a couple of days for a vacation and I need to get back to the city and my job." They said," if you change your minds you all are welcome over. So anyway I had to mow the lawn and do some things around the house...once again my vis… Ler mais

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Wifes pussy tattoo

Primeira vezVoyeur

My guess is the guy who tattooed my wifes pussy masturbates while thinking about her pussy i shared a a couple pictures with him after he was done getting her excited. here is how it happened he had me take some pics while he worked on her pussy. i posted a couple on here I made an appointment at a tattoo shop to get the wife's tattoo worked on and did not tell her so i watched her put on some little blue lace panties followed by a black garter belt then she rolled some black lace top stockings up her legs and hooked up all the straps. then she picked out and out and put on a short blue skir… Ler mais

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The Ex colleague

MadurosPrimeira vezSexo em grupo

I’ve been wanting to put this story on here for a while now as I’ve rarely been as turned on and horney as this. To give you background I used to work as the UK manager of a medium sized marketing agency. I was 48 and doing well in my career. There were around 30 people in my team, complete cross section. I have a fairly rounded bum and big boobs and used to make the most of them in the office, attracting glances from most of my males colleagues, even though I was carrying a few more lbs then maybe I should have. But I enjoyed the attention. One guy in particular used to go out of his way to f… Ler mais

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Airreall: Delux Package

FeticheSexo lésbicoMaduros

After hearing about this place from just about every single one of my queens, gays and their lovers I decided to come to scoop this place out. XXXXX Pleasuretrium” for all your needs, wants and desires we have it all” Come and explore. So far nothing special seems like just another porn shop like any other. I have been to plenty of them. Truth be told I even worked at one for a few shorts months. I do say short months cause well, some toys need to be tried before sold. I need to give it my seal of approval before I sell anything to anyone. Must be at my level of expertize. I will admit they ha… Ler mais

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Milk And Honey: Open For Business

HardcoreSexo interracial

To stay far away from her parents antics, Vicki and Jin agreed on spending their alone time elsewhere. Their luck came in the form of a flyer, advertising a motel from across town, far enough away from her parents doing any spying or filming. Vicki's life had been a living hell since discovering what her parents really were; the thought of it sickened her stomach for days on end. Room ten seemed cozy enough as Vicki wasted no time testing out the bed. Quickly, she started undressing, while Jin looked out the door, making sure they weren't followed by her folks or anyone. The couple have bee… Ler mais

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Slut: I want to be a slut wife part 2


Part 2 I stared at the blank hotel room door as I stood in the corridor waiting to make my grand entrance. I checked my appearance one last time, adjusting my tight short black mini skirt, ensuring my tits looked fantastic, almost spilling out of the shiny black tight corset top. My nipples were erect and pushing at the cups of the corset as I squeezed my thigh length booted legs together. The door opened slowly as Simon stood in the frame smiling. He was wearing his shirt unbuttoned and nothing else. His impressive cock was semi erect when he answered but instantly it became rock hard when h… Ler mais

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Antonia's May Day Meet - Pt 2


Clive whistled slowly through pursed lips as his eyes took in the sight before him, absent mindedly he sipped at his drink. " My Antonia you are truly beautiful, " Clive put down his glass and moved towards me. He lowered his head and kissed me gently upon the lips his large hands slowly began to caress my breasts. My tongue pushed into his mouth as our lips entwined in a passionate embrace. I felt the familiar stirrings as my nipples responded to Clive's gentle touch, Steve spoke, " So Clive are you cool with me taking some pics and a vid or two?" Clive broke from kissing me, " Sure thing man… Ler mais

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Girlfriend Gets Her First BBC!

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I had a story that I wanted to share about me(37), my gf(26), and a black buddy(35) with a monster cock from college who came to visit and stayed at our house last night and ended up in a wild night! A little background, he has a legit 11 inch dick with massive girth. He is a semi professional basketball player. 6 foot 10 with a dick to match . He Had never hooked up with a white girl and was excited to meet some of my gf’s white gf’s cause I told him we would break that curse this weekend. He was a roommate in college and we had had sex in the same room before so I’ve seen his monster in ac… Ler mais

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Truck stop


I was at the truck stop with just a tube top covering my tits. I had been driving for a while and was horny and needed a break. Just as I left the ladies room a man came up to me and said "Well hello baby. That is a nice set of hooters you have." He then pulled down my top and began rubbing across my tits then lifting my mounds. Then he bent down and sucked a nipple in his mouth. "Want to come to my truck and be naughty? I have a nice big cock for those big tits." He then ran his hand under my skirt and fingered my pussy. "Your pussy is nice and wet. Let's go be nasty. I have a couple hours ti… Ler mais

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horny drive to casino

AnalMadurosSexo interracial

ok where do I start ok here we go I m a very horny guy that only like white woman so I watch porn every other night for hours and hours watching white women getting fuck with there black thigh high stockings on my turn on btw so anyway I was watching porn like every other night last night but I got really fucking horny by watching these white milf getting fuck so I got so damn horny and it was around midnight so I got in my car with a fucking hard on and I live 45 minutes away from hard rock casino here in Hollywood. so I got to casino to see if I can get any action with some kind white women… Ler mais

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wedding afters....


My mother got married just a couple of hours ago. and me and my sister,are just getting some snacks and drink ready,for when the happy couple arrive. lm paul and the oldest at 43.and my sister is joanne...she is 40. its the second time mom has been married,she is nearly 60...and been with john about 5 years. so she thought it was time to tie the knot. l have not seen mom for ages,has l live quite some miles away from her,joanne lives near mom. me and jo.get everything ready...we had only been in the house for about 30 mins,when mom and john arrived. they both came in,l shook john,s hand. wi… Ler mais

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Meet & Hooking Up with My Sex Slut Amulya - Pa


Readers of the earlier part might be aware of how I meet with Amulya & fucked her in the Museum. Here is the continuation in Part 2. Part 2 of my Meet & Hook-up with Sexy Slut Amulya - http://xhamster.com/users/sexyamu212. As it was early evening as we left the museum, I asked Amulya to get into my car where I made her sit with her legs up on the dashbo… Ler mais

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