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First Time

I was always a shy boy, scared of girls and brought up in a strict Catholic household that held sex as the greatest sin ever, well sex outside of marriage in fact. So it was that I spent the first 19 years of my life in a sheltered environment. Although I had a guilty desire for such things. I did learn how to masturbate, self taught I should add, and really enjoyed it. I also found that I had a bit of a thing for looking at cocks in the toilets and sports showers.
I left school at 16 and became an apprentice Telephone Engineer, after my apprenticeship, and at the age of 19, I became a teleph... Continuar»
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A girl, a dog and two boys

A Girl, A Dog and Two Boys
by Gail Lewis (gdlewis@imcnet.net)

A young girl is 'playing' with an excited neighborhood
dog when she is 'caught' by two high school boys.

It's a warm July afternoon and Kathleen Karashevik is
walking though the park near her Colorado home. She is
on the way back to her house after spending most of the
morning and part of the afternoon at her friend's house
swimming in her pool. She is cutting through the park to
a trail that leads through the woods to her
neighborhood, and is enjoying the warm summer day. There
are not very many people i... Continuar»
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My Wife the Model Slut

When I first met my wife she was very reserved mainly
due to her catholic upbringing. We also live in New
Zealand which can be a very conservative country.

My wife is a very beautiful lady who is tall with a nice
proportioned figure with large firm boobs. I often
caught guys staring at her. Slowly she came round to the
fact that she turned guys on and they loved looking at

She was starting to become a real cock teaser after
about 2 years of marriage cause she knew it turned me

She started to come out of her shell and become more and
more open with her sexual... Continuar»
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My Vacation With Mom Part 1

I had been waiting nearly six hours before they announced the arrival of my mother's plane. It was late, it was hot, and I was tired, and the last place on earth I wanted to be at the present time was the San Fernando airport. My flight from New York had come in earlier, and rather than take the long cab ride to the resort, then have to come back to meet her, I figured I'd just stay at the airport. Of course, her flight was delayed. And delayed. And delayed. At last, I saw her as she entered the terminal.

It had been over a year and a half since I'd seen mom. With me in New York and the re... Continuar»
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******VERY TABOO*******

Matt was just fifteen the first time he fucked his younger s****r. It started as he walked by his mom and dad's room and the door was ajar and he watched them fucking. His dad was licking his mom's cunt as he twisted on her nipples then the dad pushed his cock deep in mom's fuck hole and fucked her hard as she moaned and said harder. Matt's cock was rock hard and he went into his s****r's room and pulled the covers back and pulled her gown up and her panties off and he began to lick her pussy and push his tongue in her cunt. She did not stop him and he then got on to... Continuar»
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Working Mother

I have a major problem, which I have no idea how to
solve. I may be pregnant by someone other than my
husband and if I am, the baby will be black. It's an
impossible situation, which is mainly my fault, and this
is how it happened.

I am a 35-year-old woman with 2 c***dren and I work for
a large multinational company as a personal assistant to
the divisional director. My husband has always
encouraged me to involve myself in my job and I always

A couple of months ago my company had some employees
over from a branch based in the United States to work
with us for 3 ... Continuar»
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My little b*****r

Names have been changed to keep privacy.
Hi my name is Brenda.I was23 years old when this story took place 5 feet 4 inches tall long brown hair an I am in my 4rth year of college. I have 3 younger b*****rs.
This story starts when i was on my winter break.
I went home to spend time with my f****y my next younger b*****r was moved out maried .
Doug was 18 he was still in High school and Jeff was 6 years younger than Doug.
Anyway like i was saying iI was home an this incident took place one friday night when my parents and Jeff was away on a weekend trip.
Doug stayed home and I just didnt... Continuar»
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Mother's new boyfriend

My mother had not dated much after she divorced my dad several years ago.

I had now turned 18 and my mother felt that she could start to date men and not worry about me so much. I had told her for years that I was OK with her seeing men. My father had already remarried and I liked his wife. So after my father got remarried and had told my mother not worry about me. She said she did not want other men around her daughter and that she could wait.

So when I came home after a night out with my friends and saw two wine glasses on the living room table, I hoped that she finally was seeing some... Continuar»
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My Vacation With Mom Part 2

I opened my eyes. The clock on the wall said 8:00, and for a moment, I was confused. Was it night or morning? By the way the sun came through the window, I figured it must be evening. That would mean we'd been asl**p for about four hours.

I turned to mom. She looked so peaceful and content, strands of her blonde hair running across her face. She still had her bikini on, and I remembered how we'd come into the room from next door, too tired to change, and collapsed on the bed.

As I looked at her, she opened her eyes. I was afraid for a moment. We hadn't talked since we'd made love just f... Continuar»
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A Slut For My Father's Bachelor Party

My father was getting remarried after being a widower
for nearly 15 years. Both my b*****r and I were very
happy for him as he had finally found someone to spend
his time with. We had always been worried about him –
both of us being married and busy with our own families
and all – as we could not spend as much time with him
as we would have liked. Anyway, we wanted to make his
marriage an exciting affair for him and decided to
throw a bachelor's party for him and his five close

Of course, both of us were involved as well. A stripper
or a dancer has been the sho... Continuar»
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Vacation Suprises

My wife, Lisa and I had been married for 10 years we were both 21 when we were married. Lisa was an absolute sexy woman at 5'6'' 120 pounds with 34c boobs and long tan legs, men would always check her out. At 31 she hadn't lost any of it, and had only grown sexier. She looked young and even got carded sometimes when we would be out for drinks. Lisa was a virgin when we were married and was very conservative when it came to sex in the beginning due to her strong religious parents.

Over time we had introduced sex toys and very dirty talk during our sex and she even would let me take pictures... Continuar»
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My Wife Jessica- Tricked into becoming a BBC Whore

This is the story of how my wife Jessica first had sex with a black man/men. My wife Jessica is 33 years old, 5’6 and about 120lbs with a very fit tanned frame complimented by her store bought tits and assortment of tattoos.

Over the past two years, my wife had begun cheating on me with various men because of all the cheating I had done over the course of our relationship. My wife had always been faithful despite being very wild prior to our relationship. In her teens and early twenties my wife had a very well known reputation as a slut in our small town. Jessica was semi famous for her ... Continuar»
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The Dominant Widow and her Young Neighbor

The Dominant Widow and her Young Neighbor

By billy69boy

I had known full well that marrying an older gentleman was a risky proposition. It opened me to the distinct possibility that I would eventually become a widow before my time. But I married Morgan Mount nonetheless. I just couldn't resist: despite the fact that I was just twenty two years of age and he was almost twice that when we wed didn't matter to me at the time. I was totally in love with him and to this day, I am still. Morgan was always the perfect gentleman, and he treated me like a princess from the day we firs... Continuar»
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Playing in the woods

My father died when I was very young, so I never met him. Mom said he was a good man, and a good provider. Mom had to work long hours to pay for the home and car, as well as all the bills, so I was alone most of the time after school. As I grew older I went father from the house to explore.
One day after school and doing my homework, I hopped on my bike and rode to the other side of the neighborhood where a wooded area was. Walking around it looked like no one had been there for a while. I seen what looked like a huge mud puddle, with what looked to be a large tree limb laying across it. ... Continuar»
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Sell Me

Chapter I

I met my wife Sue when I started a new job in the
English countryside, many miles from my home. She is 5'
7" tall, and very pretty, with a beautiful slim figure,
long shapely legs and magnificent D cup breasts. But her
most arresting feature is her color, she is an albino.
Her long hair is pure white, her skin is white with a
pinkish tinge and her eyes are very pale blue, the
dominant color with human albinos. The overall effect is

Like most of the men in the office I fell for Sue, and
like them, I got nowhere with her, she was known as the
ice-mai... Continuar»
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Helping a friend

Helping a friend

Where do I start?
Maybe with myself, and the truth is, I am Mrs Jones, Tina Jones, I am 48 and married with two grown up sons.
Throughout my life I have never been highly sexed, just not important to me.
As a teen and throughout my 20s I hardly ever masturbated and was a late starter in the sex department. I had a very sheltered upbringing, I was an only sibling, went to Church every Sunday with my parents and that is where I met my husband at the age of 25.
I must admit that I no longer go to Church and have not been since my sons were born 20 odd years ago but I still... Continuar»
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LIfeguards Speedo Boner

"Do you know where I can get some tanning oil?"

Chris looked down from his lifeguard post upon hearing the question and found a stunning stud at the bottom. A mere ten feet below Chris was a majestically muscled blonde, boasting firm washboard abs and rock-hard pecs. Chris looked down in amazement as he checked out the rest of the stud's body, his toned biceps and forearms, his defined thigh muscles and tight calves. Chris got his gaze stuck in the tanned stud's defining feature, his swelling bulge positioned tight inside his navy-blue speedo. Chris turned his eyes to the hunk's dark green ... Continuar»
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My Daughter’s Sweet Sixteen

Hi my name is Randy Johnson and I’m 42 years old and my wife Sue Johnson is 39 years old and still look like she 18 years old and I had two c***dren well not c***dren anymore my boy is 23 and half and named after me and the girl my daughter is 20 now and her name is Sarah and she giving me a blow job as I'm typing this story about my f****y “come on daddy I want you so bad stop typing and come fuck me” sorry I have stop for a bit and fuck my daughter. “Ok sweetheart here I come get ready for on the chair” Sarah says” I’m waiting dad we haven’t got long before that bitch comes back with that as... Continuar»
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I've been in the Navy for several years now, almost 10 to be exact. I met my wife, Beth, about 3 years ago when I was on recruiting duty in Idaho. She was a small town girl for sure…for those of you who know small town girls, they don't always have a lot of experience but do hold their own in the bedroom. I think she was a little shocked by the diversity she saw when we transferred to Norfolk, VA for sea duty. We had a pretty good marriage (so I thought) and were getting pretty close to transferring again when the ship had to deploy at the last minute. I had to go an... Continuar»
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Old mother in law (found in the Net)

Old mother in law

I had never thought of my mother-in law in a sexual way, but for some reason on January 28th everything changed. I’m a 36 year old guy, skinny with short brownish hair and green eyes. And I had the most amazing experience. It was on my 36th birthday this happened.

As far as I can remember my mother in law was a bit eccentric and forgetful (she was 87years old). But one day I rang her and asked if she needed anything and asked her what she had done that day. She said she had been up since 5am (the time was 1pm) and she had a problem lighting the fire so I said I w... Continuar»
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Roommates get Banged!

I came home late one night after a fight with my boyfriend, my roommate Sheila wasn't expecting me and had planned to have the apartment to herself all night. I walked in to the sound of loud sex coming from Sheila's bedroom, it wasn't uncommon for Sheila to have her boyfriend over and spend the night. I walked up the hallway the sounds getting louder as I approached her bedroom, the door was wide open. I looked in to see this Huge Black Guy pounding his Massive Cock into Sheila spread in a missionary position. I stood there watching as Sheila moaned, grunted and begged this guy to Fuck Her Ha... Continuar»
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Visiting Mr. Robertson

I could barely get to sl**p when I went to bed, Mr. Robertson kept running through my head.
After school I did my homework in record time, jumped on my bike and rode to his house. I knocked on his door, he opened it and smiled. "I was wondering if you were coming back, come on in " Mr. Robertson said. I went in, he put his arm around my shoulder and asked if I was hungry, yes I said. He made me a sandwich and poured a glass of milk. He said to come sit down when I finished. After eating I went to the front room and sat beside him. He rubbed my shoulder and asked if I liked what we d... Continuar»
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Skip & the Arcade

The following is a completely true story from my informative years. The names and places have been changed. The year, tragically, has not.

I was a fairly innocent 18-year-old when I started college in the late 1970's. I had come to terms with the fact that I was gay, although I would never have admitted that to anyone, particularly not at school. In those days you stayed in the closet as late as you possibly could.

I don't know if Skip knew I was gay or not. Skip was a very hot guy who was in several of my classes. He was only a couple of months younger than I, tall, athletic, ... Continuar»
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Me and scott

Back when I was young I'd get up early during the summer brake and explore, most of the time it ment I got in trouble.
I was playing behind the school when I heard someone ask what I was doing. I looked around and it was a boy I knew from class. I told him I was bored and looking for something to do. He said he was too,and we played for a while.
It was getting hot and he said we should go swimming in the creek. I said okay but I had to get my swim trunks first.He said we can go to a spot where no one goes and skinny dip. I was nervous about it because I never did it before. He said he d... Continuar»
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Wife last year on holiday - true story

My wife is 46, 5'2" slightly chubby b, ut not fat, brunette with a hairy fanny which she doesn't bother trimming, unless on holiday and even then never manages to cover her bikini line properly. She has 36c tits. This year was the first in 18 years we were on holiday alone together. So I had planned that I would insist she sunbathe topless. I hired a gite in Southern France which had a secluded garden shared with the owner's house next door. There was a pool which was private and only shared with the owner's, a nice French couple who are in their late 40s. The first full day there I decided we... Continuar»
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Jesica's Valentines Party

This story was written as part of a story/caption challenge for a follower on another website. It went to a much darker place than I originally intended.


Jesica’s Valentine’s Party

It had been a very busy year for Jessica. First there had been her internship at a prestigious law firm. Then as that position was ending, one of the senior partners who had maintained a warm but ‘fatherly’ mentoring for her, had shocked her following her exit interview with a suggestion they “might see each other socially now that her inte... Continuar»
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Doing the f****y part II

Cindi and I hit it off great. She was always in the mood and loved taking chances. She would slide her skirt off in the car, foI gotrget her panties when we went out. She even told me she would try dancing at a strip club if we went out of town
I got as much asex as I wanted, still got it form her s****r Jeannie once a week
I decided I needed to marry her and we invited the extended to a fancy meal for the announcement
Everyone was excited and the eveinging was a hit
AS we were leaving I felt Laura (mom) slip a note into my jacket
I read it later by myself
Derek I'm excited to hav... Continuar»
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Weekend away from home

My mom is a single parent, it's just her and I as long as I can remember.
Mom did date,but never brought any of them home as far as I know. There were a few adult friends I knew about, and got along with them,as they me. One day mom received a phone call that upset her. She came in my room and told me that my uncle had died, and she had to attend the funeral. Taking me out of school for a couple of days was out of the question, so she asked me if I could stay with a friend of ours (I'll call him Jerry) for a few days. Jerry was an older man that was a widower we knew for years. He agre... Continuar»
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My first glory hole with a couple

This story all begins when I was chatting to this bloke online, who said he had a glory hole at home which he recently made. He was offering free blowjobs from his misses, which definitely caught my attention. It sounded perfect at first, since I was horny as hell and they actually lived around the corner from me. So we organise to meet up later that night, the only condition being was that he was allowed to join in.

I was a little hesitant at first, but I said that was okay. I'd never really had my cock sucked properly by a man (see early story about that). So I was open to the idea, and ... Continuar»
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Living your fantasy

We had been sitting by the pool side sunning ourselves all day, a three day break for me, my wife Cate, and Lucy our daughter. Lucy had made a friend as soon as we had arrived, and at fifteen we were happy enough to let her do what she pleased as long as she stayed in the resort. Cate and I were spending our time rating the other residents of the hotel, between one and ten, as they passed us by. Most of the residents were young families and I’d guess the average age was around thirty, that meant that the two of us approaching forty, were on the older side. From the time we had married we had b... Continuar»
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Soaking with a Mormon Gal in College

When I was a sophomore in college in Wisconsin I met a female sophomore named Ella who was raised Mormon. Ella attended Brigham Young University (BYU) and was visiting a friend for the weekend. Only recently did I learn (through reading sex blogs like this) that the sex act in which Ella and I engaged has a special name - "soaking." I did not know this term at the time, but I 'soaked' in 1996! Ella and I met at a fraternity party and I was genuinely interested in her upbringing, having never met a Mormon before.

Ella was pretty with brown hair and large breasts. She wasn't dressed all... Continuar»
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Busted !

I was walking down Pryme St in Hull and noticed the recently built Travelodge Hotel . Momentarily stopping and thinking "that is one ugly building " . I carried on walking past the very small car park and noticed a couple kissing. I thought "That really looks like Helen and Steve" . Helen was my best mate Alan's partner of 8 years and they had 2 k i d s together . Helen had a 3rd k i d Lulu who was the eldest and was Steves. Helen at the time was 19yrs old 5ft 7 , Size 6 with 32b breasts , Lovely soft and long Blonde hair and a gorgeous face .Steve would come round to Alan and Helen's house to... Continuar»
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Dirty Little Secret

Jenny had been at work all day. She had her own office where she labored as a massage ther****t. Once something she woke up excited to do, it had now become like any other job she'd had in the past.

Her last client just left. Nice customer, but took a few minutes extra to leave as he kept asking for her number. Over the years, she had become used to it. She realized it was part of what comes with a job where your client is rubbed while naked. Even though it's just his back and he's under a towel, it's still an intimate experience. It also didn't help that she was very well figured. 5'4", lo... Continuar»
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always wanted to

I had never done anything even remotely sexual with another man, but for years and years my jack off fantasies had all been about sucking a dick - all sorts of situations, but they all ended with me taking a load in my greedy sucking mouth. I always assumed that that was as far as it would go since I was too timid to try to act out my fantasies, but as luck would have it, one day everything changed.

I was shooting baskets one day in the summer in the local gym, deserted I guess because it was so nice outside, but for one other guy shooting baskets named John; we started talking and took tu... Continuar»
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Sex with a former Nun

She was born Paula. But for ten years, her name was s****r Mary Beth. I remember Paula well. She had long brunette hair, and piercing blue eyes. Perfect sized bust and butt, she was a mix of Sports Illustrated super model, and playmate of the year. But when she was 19, she had a near death experience. She gave herself over to Christ and became a nun.

However, after ten years of serving the church, her body felt a different yearning. It needed sexual fulfillment. And a chance meeting between myself and her at the supermarket led to one.

She was dressed in her habit, and me, wearing a Me... Continuar»
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A Ramming for Hubby

A Ramming For Hubby
by Cest4u

This is a story about Ann, a lady who has a very strong
sex drive. She is also into doggie sex and gets even
with her hubby as she has the doggie fuck him while she
has him tied to the bed. Then both of then start to
enjoy him being pounded while the hubby is making love
to her. A little on the wild side.

The first time I shaved my pussy, I looked at it as I
was masturbating and loved the new look. I have a fat
little pussy and a wide ass. My labia has such profound
lips as they are quite puffy. I love to watch as I take
my toys o... Continuar»
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She's gets pussy destroyed on vacation

So I'll start from the beginning,

One day me and my boyfriend had gone down to the shore for the weekend to get away for a little while for vacation just the two of us. We get situated in our room and Start unloading everything next door to us is this I guess you can say party going on being obnoxiously loud didn't bother me at all nor did it my boyfriend. We head over to the pool and Start to lay out and as I kiss him I start to notice someone is staring at me across he way "I like felt it" it's a Older Black gentleman With looked like his friends and wife and everyone, I payed no attentio... Continuar»
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8 Inches and Up Only Gay

It was Friday night at a local gay club and my friend had to leave to meet up with some other other people. We said our goodbyes and I stayed to finish my drink. I stood near the entrance looking at the go-go boys dancing on the bar, flipping their underwear down to expose their cock to the old perverts. I finished off my drink and was about to leave when my eye caught a cute guy near the bar, hanging out with a group of friends. I decided to try my luck and walked towards him, brushing my hand against his thigh as I made my way to the bar for another drink. I looked back to meet his gaze.

... Continuar»
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Swim team

We moved to a large city went I was younger. Starting a new school, I wanted to check out the sports they offered. I wasn't big enough for football, didn't like baseball, and unable to hit the basket most the time in basketball, but I did enjoy swimming. I talked to the coach and he said I had the build,so he gave me a try out. I changed into my swimsuit and got in the water. After a few laps he said I made the team.
I met the rest of the team and we got along well.

After a few meets one of the guys suggested that I shave my arms and legs for less drag. I noticed that none of the guys ... Continuar»
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My Mum, the slut stripper

We parked the Mercedes in the car park, and walked up to the entrance. It was impressive. Looked the part of a country club. Linda welcomed us. She and I had been friends for…..well a long time. She poured us both drinks at the bar. I looked around. The interior was high end, leather sofa’s, worn, but chic. A log fire was made up, but hadn’t been lit. We sipped our drinks.
“You’re looking fabulous Kelly,” Linda said, “who would believe you’re Sara’s mother.”
“Come on, show us the rest of this place,” I said, taking her arm, and kissing her cheek.
It was all there, main bar, with booths fo... Continuar»
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Older White Women

I liked to swim and I was good at it. But being from the poor side of town and black it was not working out for me. I got on the swim team at my high school but I needed to practice. I ended up getting a job at a high flu tin very exclusive private country club as a life guard. That was great! I got to watch over a bunch of spoiled old white people during the day after school and on weekends and then after the pool closed I could swim all that I wanted. I was one only a few paid people at this club. Most of the people working here were doing it to get some of their dues or membership paid. I... Continuar»
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My wife's 44 but she can still turn men on. When we go out she gets more than her share of lustful stares. When I'm not around, guys hit on her left and right. When I first told her about my fantasies of seeing her and other men, she didn't believe me, but it wasn't long before we were both getting off pretending there was another man in bed with us when we had sex.

Thinking about it really got me hot, but not as hot as the real thing did. The fantasies were nothing compared to the reality. The first time I saw her spread her legs and her lips for a well hung blackman was the most erotic ex... Continuar»
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stepdad's cock

On Saturday night my mom and stepdad went out for supper while I stayed at home doing a geography assignment as I was in matric. It was after 10 when I decided to call it a night and get into bed. Before falling asl**p I decided to play with myself, I rubbed up and down my pussy and clit, soon licking my middle finger making it wet, entering it in my pussy. I fingered myself and rub on my G spot, to make myself cum. I fell asl**p afterwards, but was woken up to my mom and stepdad laughing, obviously they had just got home and were a bit d***k.

Not long later I heard softish banging, and so... Continuar»
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Turned into a Black Cock Slut Blacken

Until a couple of years ago my wife, Amy, and I both worked for the police. More specifically, she was with the vice squad and I worked in fraud. So each day we would go in together, team up with our respective partners and do our days work until it was time to go home - same as most jobs, just not your usual employer.

From time to time, if a big bust was going down, we both understood that the other would have to go incognito and may be away for sometimes days and other times weeks until the job was done, so it wasn't unusual when Amy told me that the Chief had asked her to go undercover t... Continuar»
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I Am Number Four

I stood silently in the middle of my living room, surveying my very own new apartment with a weary satisfaction. I still had boxes of small stuff to unpack, dishes and books and the like, but the furniture and appliances were all in place, and the heavy lifting was more or less done. I felt a warm glow of pride as I saw it take place before my eyes, my first place that was all my own. The first step on the way to having my own life as a grown man.
One of my friends from back home, Owen, lived in the building too, and was actually the one who'd turned me on to the place to begin with. It was... Continuar»
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Life changing holiday

Some years ago when I was around my mid 30's, married with a couple of k**s. My f****y and I were on holiday in Cyprus. We had a ground floor 3 bedroom apartment on a quiet part of the complex. It was just off peak season so the place wasn't too busy.
The apartment had a patio overlooking large grassed area dotted with small shrubs and trees where people would sit during the day to sunbathe. This area had a path running round the perimeter and it ran past the patios of the apartments.
One night after my mrs had gone to bed, I fell asl**p on the sofa. I woke about 1am and it was very dar... Continuar»
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Dear Diary #1

Dear Diary #1

You will never believe what happened today. Jimmy Johnson actually tried to kiss me. I was so disgusted that I almost hurled on him. I mean come on, if you are going to try to kiss a girl, at least take a shower that week and use a breath mint or something. I was pushing him away, and thankfully my br0ther was watching out for me, so he dragged the jerk away before he got anywhere. Thank god, I want my first kiss to be something special, not some gross jerk f0rcing himself on me.

I looked down at the page and smiled. The wide, flowery handwriting covered the e... Continuar»
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fantasy fulfilled

truth or fiction?

I'd always considered myself straight up to my late teens and had had a few less than satisfying experiences with girls. it was when i realised when watching porn i was focussing more on the guys cock than the girls cunt and imagining what it would be like to be her that got me thinking.

it was the early days of the internet and i managed to have an odd meet with older guys for oral only but they were equally unfulfilling until i met with one guy who dressed me in stockings and panties. from that day i was hooked and only ever had sex dressed and began to build up a c... Continuar»
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Let me tie you up

My loving husband had not fucked me during the last ten days.
I was so fucking horny and decided to give him a surprise when he would come home back from his office.

A while before his normal arriving time I lay naked on our marital bed, with my eyes blindfolded and some ropes ready to get my wrists and ankles tied to the bed posts.
I had set a video camera on the near wardrobe, to record every minute…

I touched myself until I got my pussy damp and then waited for Victor…

Then I heard footsteps on the stairs. He entered the bedroom and whispered in surprise.

“You like what you se... Continuar»
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One MILF and three teens

The three of us are in a beach front hotel on the first floor. Worked out ahead in minor detail, Jim is an 18 year old guy just out of HS. He is staying on the beach with his friends Steve and Max, all teens getting ready for US service. None have had much sex with other people, just jacking off to magazines and internet porn. Steve and Max left to get some snacks and stuff, and Jim thought he’d take advantage of his alone time and jerk his cock. He put on some hotel xxx rated movie and was watching a woman sucking two guys’ cocks and jerking them off. Jim had left the sliding glass door open ... Continuar»
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