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Boy Next Door Fucked my Mature Hairy Pussy

I knew I was a bit of a plain Jane, mother of four, slightly overweight and nothing special to look at and only 28 years old. My husband showed less and less interest in me and I admit I let myself go a little, then the boy from next door changed all that.

It was such an innocent meeting at first; he fetched the empty cups back when I made his mom and some helpers cups of tea when moving in next door. He seemed so shy but ever so polite and I learnt he had just turned 16. His dad had said he would stop with the f****y until the last one was 16 and then he was gone, he left and their mom mo... Continuar»
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Accidentally Step Aunty (Real / Truth)

[*This is my REAL life story,
accidentally had sex with my own step-aunty.
She was 44, while I was 30 when it happened.
I will try to write it as detail as I could in english].

I have used to stay in uncle's house everytime I visit this city,
for vacation, friends appointment, or any other activities.
This is his second marriage with his new wife, so I called her my step aunty.
Lately, Uncle had been busy having business meetings abroad,
usually takes up to 3 or 4 days leaving, but this time he left for a two weeks.

It was my... Continuar»
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New Apartment Part 2

I was in the bedroom waiting for the cable guy to show up. Linda was in the living room reading her book. Linda was wearing a short skirt and a button blouse, no panties or bra. I didn’t have much to do, I’m not a reader like Linda is, I’m more an TV / Internet guy. I would peek out, see what Linda was doing.

I was bored so I lied down and started to masturbate. I enjoyed watching Linda on top of Ted, riding him. I was enjoying myself to the point I almost came, till the door bell rang. It was the cable guy, about time I thought to myself.

Linda answers the door and let him in. He intr... Continuar»
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mum & sons

I just got out of the shower when the door opened and my gran walked in on me,
“bl**dy hell” she cried out,
Mum was just passing and dashed in behind her,
“what is it” she asked in a panic,
“that” gran pointed at me,
“what am I looking at” asked mum,
“that, that thing between your sons legs” she cooed softly,
I was smiling, my plan had worked, I wanted gran to see what she was missing and I was willing to show her,
“ho that” mum said, “I see it every day, he walks about here naked”
“you could have warned me” gran said stepping forward a little,
“just for you gran” I said wiping myse... Continuar»
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Swim Team Doctor

I am a junior in high school. Back when I was a freshman I was one of the trainers for the freshmen swim team because I knew a lot about sports injuries because my father was a doctor. I had never thought of being gay or had ever experimented at all. But all that changed after my freshman year as the manager of the swim team.

As every one got out of the pool in their speedos which were red in the front and white in the back, team colors, Patrick approached me. I had been swimming myself because I was on the team as well as being a manager. I was 5' 10" with a muscular build, firm pecs and a... Continuar»
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my first married older lady.....

Like most young lads I got crushes on my best mates mum, teachers.... you know, we all had them! Still, as a spotty teenager it was never going to happen, and definitely wouldn't have been right. Good fantasies to have though, and left a lasting impact that meant I had a thing for older ladies right through my twenties.... oh hang on, still do have a thing for older ladies thirty years on! Just getting a bit difficult to find them nowadays!

I still remember my first proper time with an older lady all to clearly.... and she was married to boot, something I would never normally consider but I... Continuar»
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They Called Me Horse

Eric was a shy person. He hated being the center of attention and did whatever he could to not draw attention to himself.

He was home schooled for most of his life but then his parents thought that sending him to public school for his senior year would help him with his social skills before he went to college. Eric found himself suddenly thrust into a large school and he absolutely knew no one! He was OK that no one seemed to even notice him. At least no one did until he had his first gym class.

He was really shocked when he was informed that everyone had to shower after class. When it c... Continuar»
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My wife's confession

My wife makes a confession
By Chris Christopher, All rights reserved

Over the holidays my wife decided to read a few of the stories I have written and posted on xHamster. That got us talking about the good old days. She brought up something that I had forgotten about along with something that she said I had never known about. She said that there was something that she wanted to confess about our agreement to only play around if we were both playing in the same room. But before I tell you what she said to me, here is the backstory leading up to her confession.

Years ago we ... Continuar»
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Fucking my husband's friend and wanting his w

It was just past eleven, I was having a cold, so I opted to stay in that night and have some cough medicine, and a 'Toddy', whiskey, honey and water, so by the time my husband came home from the pub, I was a tad tipsy and light headed.

A blazing fire added to the surrealness of our atmosphere. I had taken a hot bath and not expecting anything exciting I remained nude under my terry-towelling robe, it was more for convenience and comfort, as going to bed was fast approaching.

When my husband eventually got home, he had a surprise, a friend, just as worse for wear as he was, had missed his... Continuar»
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Head on Facetime

It was quite late on a midweek evening and the hotel bar was fairly empty. That's why I was surprised when she took the stool next to me. I tried not to be too obvious, pretending to check messages on my phone, but even a blind man would have noticed her as soon as she walked in the room. The devil on my shoulder told me she was hot for some action. The calmer voice on the other shoulder told me not to objectify this woman - this tall, curvy woman with dark curls cascading over her shoulders to midway down her tanned back, firm breasts held in place beneath the tight patterned fabric of her dr... Continuar»
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The whole chain of events of that one particular day began when my mom came home with a new hair style. It was done on a whim and was much shorter than I had ever seen it. She was nervous and uncertain of her new look and tugged self consciously at it. I immediately voiced my approval. It emphasized the angles of her face that were previously hidden.
My father's opinion was not so kind as he gave it a harsh assessment,
"You look like a dyke," he said and turned his attention back toward the television and the war movie playing.
Mom's reation to this comment was one of deep hurt and s... Continuar»
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My First Milf !!

One night, out of the blue, she texted me.

"Hey Jim :)," she always used way too many smiley faces and exclamation points, "I can't get my DVD player to work!!! Could you come help me?"

It was the first week of summer. I was home from college and visiting my parents. I had nothing better to and she was certainly some great eye candy. 'Why not?,' I thought.

I texted her back; "Be right there."

"Thanks!!!" Lori replied.

It was close to 9 o' clock when I strolled over to Lori's house . I knocked on the door, took a step back and waited for her to answer.

I had always thought... Continuar»
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A Mother’s Secret 5-Sharing It

This is part 5 of the story of a mother who has done a taboo porn video to support her k**s. Her are links to the other four parts. Please enjoy and show your appreciation by thumbs up.

It was Cindy’s birthday and everyone in the Roberts f****y was excited. Cindy invited some of the k**s that she went... Continuar»
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I Fucked My BFF’s Son!

"Life is just not fair!" Linda said as she rolled her eyes.

"Tell me about it! That asshole Jack is dating a girl half his age." I replied as I thought of my x-husband.

My divorce from him had only just been finalized and now the reality of being a forty-five year old single woman was hitting home. My friend Linda and I were having a bitch session on just how unfair the world was.

Her husband had left her about a year ago and we had gone through both divorces as each other's mutual support. Linda had just found out that her x was dating a hot little slut that is young enough to be hi... Continuar»
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The New Guy (Chad and Marcie Part 1)

“Have you seen the new IT guy yet Marcie?” my friend and colleague Bianca came barreling into my office just before lunch.
“As a matter of fact I have,” I started to say
“I’ll bet he’s a tomcat in bed, all nerdy guys fall into one of two categories you know,”
“Bianca,” I said trying to stop her.
“Most of them are so grateful that you’ve paid any attention to them at all that they’re willing to eat your pussy for hours without asking for anything in return.”
“Bianca,” I said again trying to stop her.
“The others don’t know what they’re doing because all they do is sit in their mom’s basem... Continuar»
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Settling Dad's Debt (Fiction)

This is a fantasy story of mine that I came up with, Hope you enjoy guys and gals...

It was like any other morning, I got up and sat at my vanity combing my shoulder length blonde hair while staring into my blue eyes in the mirror. I went to my dresser and put on some pink short and pink tank top with the socks to match and looked at my small, petite body in the mirror giving myself a once over before I headed to the kitchen where my dad was nowhere to be found. I looked for a note or something but there was no sign of where he went or when he was coming back so I shrugged it off as mayb... Continuar»
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Left, Right, Center

I’ve been widowed for 10 years. My lovely wife of 32 years came from a rural f****y into which I was accepted completely. She had 2 s****rs and a b*****r: Mary (married to an asshole), Jean (single), and her twin b*****r Jeff (possibly gay). Jean approached me after my wife’s funeral and made it clear that she was available to comfort me if I ever needed it. Several days later, Mary did pretty much the same thing. This was in February.

The following summer, the four of us decided to rent a cottage on a lake in New Hampshire for a week. It was close to the water and fairly isolated. The thir... Continuar»
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Caught in the Act - Part 1

Caught in the Act

It all started the first Thursday in April during his senior year of high school. Adam Crenshaw had decided to celebrate his eighteenth birthday by giving himself an unscheduled holiday. He didn't have any specific plans; he just knew that school was the last place he wanted to spend his birthday. So he left his house on foot, like he did every morning, and began the short walk to school. Only this time, two blocks from home he turned right instead of left and headed for the park.

He had intended to spend the morning on the disc golf course, before head... Continuar»
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I shaved daddy's balls, and more.

As I told my story I still failed to see the significance of my actions, only just accepting my actions were different, from what the majority thought.

For me, nature was my guiding influence, if it felt natural, then I allowed it to happen, only if I were up for it.

We as people allow men to decide what is right and what is wrong, take for example, the church, where sex is taboo outside marriage, a law made by men, who apparently don't have sex, prefer c***dren to abuse, and nuns, rabid lesbians with a cruel streak, and a desire for caning and humiliating normal women who have sex with... Continuar»
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Jamaican good times......

I have been married to Lynn for a little over six years. It was a good marriage and we both were very happy. Our sex lives were super and we usually fucked and sucked every day and on the weekends three or four times. She was one of those ladies that if she is touched with a hard cock she gets so wet and horny she just has to fuck.
Lynn is 28 years old, 5?9? tall, 112 lbs., long dark blond hair, very blue eyes, long shapely legs, great butt and perfect tits with long suck able nipples. Her 37?25?36 body was breathtaking. When she walked down the street men and women would stop and stare at he... Continuar»
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I was invited to watch Tim fuck my wife's ass

Saturday evening my wife and I were relaxing by our pool. I was wearing a pair of cargo shorts and my wife was wearing only a bikini bottom. She had been sunning all day topless and since it was still extremely warm she chose to remain topless.

I had gone inside to mix a couple of drinks and when I came back out I saw Tim setting in my seat talking with my wife. She was laying on her back on the lounge chair with her feet on the cement on either side of her chair.

I said hey to Tim as I handed my wife her drink. I sat in a regular chair on the other side of my wife from Tim. She turned... Continuar»
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My New Next Door Neighbour - by SBarak1

My New Next Door Neighbour – a story by SBarak1

I had been at the beach house for a few days at the start of the season. In the week before Christmas people has been arriving and the little coastal village was filling up fast.

I was catching up on a bit of gardening, trying to make the place look presentable when I heard some noise next door. I looked into the next door neighbour’s back yard to see a tall blond women at the back yard patio arranging furniture and putting up an umbrella. It was about midday and the sun was out. The temperature was about 28C. Looks like the neighbour’... Continuar»
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My Pegging Wedding Night

A month ago, I married the love of my life. It was the best day I’ve ever had in my 31 years so far. But more importantly, it was the best NIGHT I’ve ever had. Let me set the scene…

We had a destination wedding in Cancun. The resort was absolutely beautiful and the service was incredible. Since we were getting married there, they gave us all the upgrades. We had paid for a junior suite, but were upgraded to a massive two-bedroom, three-bath suite with a bar and full kitchen. It had a pool table, a 65” flat screen in every room and a Jacuzzi on the balcony. Seriously, there was a tub out on ... Continuar»
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I meet the EX BF Cuckold

I came home from work early one day and saw a strange car in the driveway. This was not all that unusual, ever since my wife left work to take care of our baby she has friends over quite often, but I didn't recognize the car and that was a little unusual. I walked in the front door and assumed that my wife and whoever was visiting must have gone out since they weren't in the living room where she always entertains. I was just about to turn on the TV and wait for them to return when I heard a sound from upstairs in the bedroom.

I walked up the stairs and saw the bedroom door wide open, on ou... Continuar»
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Bedtime on My 18th Birthday

Bedtime on My 18th Birthday

Growing up in a small village of close families, he behavior of myself and my mother never seemed unusual.

I knew we were closer than most as it was just her and I, and we did everything together, more than I did with my own friends.

I can unashamedly say that my mother was my best friend.

I had my own bedroom, but that was mostly for show, as I spent nearly every night in her bed with her, snuggling and sl**ping together.

My eighteenth birthday fell on a weekday, and I had a small party planned for the weekend, but me and my mother... Continuar»
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The Fantasy

The Fantasy

She was standing outside room no. 723 wearing a tight black dress and high heels as they had told her to. In front of the door were a blindfold and a letter which read “Put the blindfold on and knock on the door 3 times”. She did as instructed and the door slowly opened.

She was let into the room and a man said: “While you are in this room you will respond to the name ‘Slave’ and you will address us as ‘Sir’ and ‘Mistress’. You are here to please us and you will always obey our orders. If you behave badly you will be punished. If you behave well you might be rewarded. Underst... Continuar»
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Jack ruled his f****y and what he said was not questioned. He decided what they ate and what they wore and everything that went on in the house. He made the rule that no clothes were worn by the wife and his three daughters. He also fucked his wife any where and any time. The girls were used to dad bending mom over an fucking her right there in front of them. He also finger fucked the mom constantly. The girls were beginning to grow nice big tits like their mom. Dad had always been the one to bathe them since birth and he still did. Now that their tits were getting big he spent a lot of time w... Continuar»
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Massage Fun

My company held there yearly sales meeting in Niagara Falls this year. After a long boring day of endless meetings I decided to go back to my hotel instead of joining my coworkers at the casino. I was never much of a gambler so I went to the hotel hot tub. When I got there I had the tub to myself, so I climbed in, put my head back, closed my eyes, and nodded off a bit. My peaceful rest was soon interrupted by a young couple. They smiled and nodded as they slipped into the huge hot tub. They sat across from me and were snuggling very close and pretty much all over each other. Newlyweds o... Continuar»
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The First Time I Sucked Cock (True)

This is going to be a true story of mine I thought I would share with you all, Hope you enjoy guys and gals...

This isn't a story that Ive told to many people I know personally but I don't see the harm of sharing it on here so I thought I'd put it out there. I am sure there are some people that have stories similar to mine that have happened to them and Id love to hear if you have. I will never forget the first time I sucked off a guy because I enjoyed it so much it probably led to part of the reason I am bisexual today. The first guy I ever sucked off was my cousin Josh, what led to thi... Continuar»
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My b*****r Mark is sixteen years older than I. That is a story in itself. He is a great salesman, he owns a car lot and has plenty of money. Mark is the kind of guy that could sell ice to an Eskimo. And he is very successful with the ladies, he always has a different hot girl with him every time I see him. It was summer time and I get to go with Mark to the auto auctions to buy cars for his lot. It is fun because it is just he and I and we get to stay in a hotel and eat out and stuff.
As we were driving to the city and our hotel Mark asked me how things were going. He knew I had gone thr... Continuar»
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sperm in her underwear

I'm not sure this is much of a story, but I felt better by writing this all down. (It feels almost like I'm telling someone about this situation now.) My wife is a very active mum to our two young k**s (both in school.) I work from our home and she goes into town every morning to take the k**s to school, workout and help her friend with her babysitting business. (She goes over to the friend's place more to socialize than anything.) Her friend is an attractive MILF in her own right who is ignored by her husband in the bedroom. (I've encouraged my wife to "help out her friend" in that department... Continuar»
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Fucking My Best Friend's Son

It all happened in a bit of a rush. I didn't plan it and expect it to happen -- it just did. It was a spur of the moment thing that I knew was wrong -- but I couldn't help myself.

I regret it now -- but too late.

I needed to drop some paperwork off to my best friends house. It was a couple of miles away so I decided to walk over there.

I knocked on the door and was surprised to see my friends son Dan answer. He was also a bit embarrassed. It turned out he was skipping school without his mother knowing.

Anyway he told me that his mother was not due back until 4pm. So I handed him th... Continuar»
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Glory Hole for the first time!

I had a girlfriend when I was young...
we experimented... a lot...
I can still see her, on her knees, between my legs...
her face close to mine, bend over me...
one hand firmly on my hard dick her soft breast and hard nipples moving up and down in hard jerks while she rams a nice big dildo in and out my ass...

her sweet smile while she does it, her voice telling me to take it...
her hand firmly massaging the head of my dick my fingers squeezing her hard nipples
telling her to fuck my ass with that dildo...

we had a good time together! I loved fucking her hard, she loved doing the s... Continuar»
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I'm One Happy Black Cum Slut Cuckold

"Because all black guys have really big dicks." "You've never seen a black man naked before?" I added.


Half jokingly I said, "Maybe we should watch some porn with some black guys in it."

My wife and I watched porn regularly. She even enjoyed watching some pretty dirty stuff and was more than willing to act it out afterwards. I was very happy when she smiled and said OK.

Later that night I got on the Internet and started looking around. There were so many different adult movies with black men fucking white women it was hard to decide. After getting very horny and impatient, I ... Continuar»
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panty mystery

My wife recently acquired two new bosses at her work. They have been there for approximately two months and she hasn't said much about them other than that they are both black guys. She has never expressed an attraction towards black guys so I never had suspected her of sl**ping with either of them until recently.

About three weeks ago I noticted a charge on our credit card for over 100 pounds My wife takes care of the bills so she had no reason to suspect I would notice. I just happened to notice it when I looked out of curiosity to see how much we owed on it. I also noticed the website th... Continuar»
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Mrs Brooking, mature slut

Being an odd job man for a living, a bit of bricklaying, plastering, plumbing etc I’m often required to give quotes for various work. Last week I received a call from a lady called Mrs Brooking, she wanted some free estimates for minor works nothing unusual there. Building companies wont even quote for small works its not worth their while.

So I arrive at this rather impressive four bed detached house with a nice new Merc on the driveway (so got plenty of money). Rang the bell and a very attractive woman answered the door. Mrs Brooking was at a guess about mid to late fifties and looked gor... Continuar»
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The afternoon I had sex with 7 guys in a row...

My name is Jane and I am an eurasian girl : I am half asian and half european.
You can see my pics and videos on my profile if you want to know what I look like. As you can see, sex is really important in my life.
It was not always like that. I was married before, serious and bored in my life. When I get divorced, I wanted to try new things, because I realized that I lost 3 years of my life with just boring and normal sex. I met many guys before I met my hubby. It was him who first proposed me to try group sex. I first thought that he just wanted to fuck other girls, that I was not enough fo... Continuar»
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I knew I should have checked the long range weather before I left the
airport. I had been airborne for several hours and the weather was rapidly
getting foul. November weather can be very tricky in this area and can change
quickly...warm one hour and cold the next. It was snowing heavily now, I was
hitting strong, gusty headwinds, and I wasn't exactly sure I knew where I
was. I estimated I had about an hour's worth of fuel left in my single engine
Cessna 172. Unable to make radio contact with anybody, I really felt alone in
this unfamiliar white world. For the first time, I felt a stran... Continuar»
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Amputee sex

This is a very strange story! I have always been bisexual and attracted to trans women too. When I was younger I thought it was "weird" or taboo......Now days I don't give a fuck, I've learned that most people are just like me. But in 2014 I had both my legs amputated above the knees after bl**d clots. I had to adjust to it and learn how to do everything without legs, and in a different way. I've always been a sexual person, but around six months after my amputations, I began to become sexually attracted to other amputees and even found myself somewhat aroused when looking at myself or just ... Continuar»
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A Visit to a Public Toilet

I had been trying for years to get my wife Claire to fuck other guys.
The idea of seeing her used by others had always given me a thrill,
I knew form Claire and role-play games that she too found this a turn on,
but she could never bring herself to try it. I was fortunate
though that she was sexually adventurous within her boundaries.
She was happy to pose for explicit and kinky pictures. It was during an outdoor picture foray that our world changed.

I regularly passed a public toilet on my travels for work, it was in a remote
rural area and frequented by both gay and straight peo... Continuar»
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Becoming Daddy's

Becoming Daddy's

I was so happy as I ran down the stairs, knowing I wouldn't have to walk in the doors of my former high school. I was an official graduate. No more homework or tests or even early mornings. It was pure freedom. Well until college started of course, but I had the summer to party it up with friends and maybe even find myself a boyfriend to lose the good 'ol V-card to.

I walked into the kitchen, smile on my face, and seen my father sitting at the table reading the newspaper. My father was a great looking man for his age. At 42, he was in great shape and had ne... Continuar»
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My first time being used while husband watched

Had our first go at me being used by 2 men while my husband watched. We went to a party at a pub and my husband met an old friend there. I was wearing tight leather trousers and feeling very sexy. My husbands friend Colin and his mate Tony were telling my husband how lucky he was to have such a sexy wife. The evening wore on and the 4 of us were getting a little tipsy and I found myself flirting badly. Tony seemed to like rubbing my bum and I must admit I was getting very turned on. I ended up telling them my husbands fantasy was to watch me being fucked by other men. On hearing this Colin and... Continuar»
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First Fuck After French Exam

First Fuck After French Exam

***This is a true story and is as much as I can remember, but seeing as it was more than 15 years ago, I might have missed out a few details***

My friend John and I had just finished our written French exam. It was barely 12.30 in the afternoon and we had no reason to remain at the school. We began walking home together as we shared part of the route and got to talking about our girlfriends. I had recently split from this dumb, fugly girl who I had only been with because she was obsessed with me and I was desperate to loose my virginity (as it happened I only... Continuar»
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Best Friends

I was young, healthy, and single. I had just broken up with my girlfriend Nicky (who completely turned me out) at the time and was looking forward to having a little free time even though Nicky and I would still hangout and hook up.

My best friend during this time was Jay. We went to the same school and played on the same neighborhood sports teams and a lot of the same friends. Jay and I were best friends and pretty much inseparable, if he ever needed anything I was there to help and vice versa. After graduating high school we knew we were way more than just friends. Jay and I had a se... Continuar»
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Me and Kate working overtime.

This is a true story that happened to me 25 years ago. I had a post as a manager for a unit in a bigger company. We were in the service sector and had to fight hard to find clients that wanted to pay for our services. At this specific moment we had to finalize the contract for an important customer and the deadline was getting closer. I therefore asked my employees if someone was willing to work over during the weekend and Kate, one of the project managers, volunteered. We agreed to start at 08:00 on Saturday morning.

The work with the contract went well but there was a lot to calculate so ... Continuar»
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52 black fridays

Convincing my wife at try another cock was the hardest part. It took over a year of careful suggestions always being sure to not over play my hand. Then that one night the stars were aligned just right.

We had a friend of mine staying the night due to being what I thought was over served. As my wife and I were picking up around the pool after everyone had left I made yet another suggestion that she go inside and give my buddy a blow job. She was just buzzed enough to listen to what I was saying
I convinced her that he was so d***k that she could suck his cock without him ever knowing. Sh... Continuar»
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dirty jo

i was in my local pub a couple of weeks ago having a swift half on my dinner break,this woman walked in long black coat light brown hair just past her shoulders but what caught my eye were her legs black fishnet's black stilettos she walked over to the bar and ordered a glass of wine . i have a bit of a thing for nice underwear and just wondered to my self are they stockings ,she sat by the table by the door and as she sat down her coat fell slightly open a i had a glimpse at what she had on under the coat it was a body stocking a crutch less fishnet body stocking.
i was basically stared at h... Continuar»
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My wife’s career as a nude model, part 1

This is a true story told to me by my wife shortly after we had met. When she had finished her story I realized that she had experienced so much more in her life than I had. I was an innocent lamb compared to her but I got really turned on hearing the story.

When she was at the university in the 70’s she was in constant need of money. One day she saw an advert in the local newspaper from a guy who wanted to hire young women for nude photo sessions. She was quite open-minded those days and contacted the guy and they agreed that she should come by the next day.
She had big tits even then but... Continuar»
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Getting my first blowjob

I had been sucking Jay's cock and swallowing his cum almost everyday for about a month now. After he was done he would jerk me off or I would jerk myself while watching the same old porn tape. When I was done I asked him where he got the porn. He told me Gary got it for him. I knew Gary he was in the same grade we were in. I said I'll ask him for another one tomorrow.
The next day I seen Gary after class and asked if he could get me a porno. He said sure. We went to his house, he lived a few blocks from me. He said I only have a few tapes. I asked how do you get them. He answered ... Continuar»
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You never know where things might lead

My phone made a noise, i looked at the screen, it was a text message but i didn't recognise the number, i opened the text, it read "Hi Eric, this is Caz! Remember from School? xx"

Instantly i knew who it was. Her name was Caroline and she was in the year above me at school. As far as i remember she was around 11 months older than me, stood around my height, shoulder length dark brown hair and always worn a pair of thick rimmed glasses. We hadn't seen each other or spoken for well over 10 years. I myself had a small crush on her back in the day which she knew about but pushed me away when i ... Continuar»
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