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getting even with hubby


I cant remember what number story this is, the first time I got even with my husband was a few months ago, I had started out seeking revenge for his wrong doings, but things were getting out of control, the revenge side of things had been forgotten about, I was now starting to enjoy all sorts of things, which I had never even dreamed of doing, as readers of my stories will remember, I had started out getting even with him by fucking his friend Peter, fucking with my husband prior to Peter had been confined to our bedroom, but Peter had opened up a whole new sexual world to me, I'm hoping there… Ler mais

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First Time Drinking My Wife's Piss

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About a month ago, my wife and I were talking about sex and how we could heat things up. I suggested that we each come up with something that we tell the other one and with no judgement, the other one promises to do it. It could be something that we had always wanted to try but were to shy to bring up or just something new that we read about. She liked the idea. So I gave her a few days to think and asked her if she would be ready to talk about it that night. She said she was ready. We climbed in the bed and again agreed that we would do the thing that the other person wanted to do with no jud… Ler mais

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You fidget in your chair as you sit in a hotel room, waiting for me to arrive. You feel a mix of anticipation and fear. You know you’ve been bad - you broke one of our rules and I’ve promised to punish you. You’re waiting, dressed as I’ve instructed. Tight white blouse with your white, lacy bra visible beneath. Tight short skirt. Stocking but no g-string. You squirm as you wait for me, a little anxious about what’s about to unfold. Your heart jumps a little as you hear the door. It opens and I stride into the room. I’m dressed for work with a jacket and tie. One of my power ties. You instant… Ler mais

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2019.04.07. Met my son


At the command of the master, I put the fox-tail buttplug in my butt. He tied my breasts tight and put the chain on my nipples. He picked up my outfit, hanging out from the foxhole and exposing my breasts to everyone. So I sat in the car and started to go to my son. In the housing estate I tried to get into the house sooner and into the apartment. Entering the apartment, I immediately took off my clothes. "Good whore, you know what you must do," my ex-husband said. He slept in my son's room. I went to his and carefully pulled his dick out of his underwear and started sucking. It soon became to… Ler mais

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2019.04.09 My son used me


In the morning, the master tied my breasts tightly with an clock chain and closed it with a padlock behind my neck. He stretches my breasts all day. I'm in a thin top, which is slightly visible. At lunch time my son came to me and I had to suck behind one of the warehouse buildings. He said it would be a continuation in the evening. Late afternoon my son called. "The next one to wear is with a collar leash, a fox-tailed buttplug and a chain on my nipples. Then come out naked to me in the car." He told. "But it's still light what if someone sees me," I said. "I don't care about a whore and come… Ler mais

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JEAN, Not Your Normal Nun Story

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This Is Based On My Own Personal Experience: Because I Had Discovered The "Adult Book Store/ Theater, And Basement Row Of "Glory Holes", I Had Skipped A Few Sunday School Sessions. The Monsignor Decided To Make Me Do Some Penance. If I Agreed He Would Not Involve My Mom. I Immediately Agreed. If I Stayed Out Of Trouble I Was Allow Allot Of "Freedom". He Ordered Me To Be A The Church Every Saturday Morning To Help Clear Out & Clean Up The Basement. I Had To Be There At 8am. When I Got There I Went Through The Backdoor And Immediately There Was A Door To The Basement. I Opened The Door A… Ler mais

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A very precocious daughter


“You’re not going out like that?” It was a question, not a statement. At thirty-one, my daughter was too old for me to make any demands. Those days were long over. I couldn’t ground her and send her to her room, but the short skirt and precipitous cleavage brought out the old-school dad within. Belligerent as I remembered her being when she was still subject to my rules, she looked at me and said, “I am.” I was on the back foot by then. I knew I had no authority but still had to try. “That skirt’s a bit short,” I said. J… Ler mais

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Auntie Caught Us

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Just a typical summer day hanging out with my close friend at his house, it was late morning about 11 - Frankie was still in his PJ’s. His mom was home and told us she had to go off to the store and to her mom’s and be back by 1. She told us that her sister was coming by, but she should be home before that, and lock the door if we go out before she gets there (she had a key), We said OK, see you later and off she went. We were just lads not having any luck with the neighborhood girls, but we learned to get each other off, as soon as the door closed Frankie went up to lock the door, and by the… Ler mais

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Hot busty Mom Gangbanged in train by thugs and pol

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My family consists of me , my mom and my dad…I’m 18 yrs old and from Chennai… My dad is a traveller and hardly stays at home… My mom is a very conservative lady who is spiritually connected… She doesn’t like to expose her body much as she was very conservative… Her name is Usha and is 42 years old… She has a 38D boobs which is so big that can make any man hard any day…. Her ass is fleshy and sways abnormally sideways when she walks…She usually wears nighties at home and chudidhar / sarees while going out…… Ler mais

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How Mom Fucked By Lorry Drivers

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my family consists of my dad mom and my brother … My dad is a busy person who is always involved in his office work.. My brother went out of country for his higher studies, and I am still studying.. This incident happened when me and my mom was traveling to our home town…it was a sunny day me and my mom packed all our stuff and kept in car and started moving,, I noticed mom was looking sexy that day she was wearing a pink saree with sleeveless blouse , and her cleavage was clearly visible and her tummy was looking juicy a… Ler mais

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Seducing Mom After Lorry Drivers


Thanks for all your support guys!! I have mentioned everything about thing about my mom in my first story ,, after all the fucking scenes with the lorry drivers ,, me n my mom reached our home town .. Which is a small town and not much populated area.. As there was a village festival going on.. The whole village was colorful ,,all were dressed good ,looking good !! Mom n me reached our ho… Ler mais

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Lindy Taylor is the eldest daughter of my son Rick and his wife Lois who is now eighteen. She,s lived in Adelaide, Australia since 2007 when my son decided to emigrate there much to wife Sarah and my feelings of disappointment. Recently Lindy graduated from high school and decided to,take courses at the nearby College and started living with us staying in the spare room and it,s wonderful having a teenage girl under our roof again, thevfurst one since daughter Christina left the nest twenty one years ago. Lindy is a fairly tall stunning blonde with piercing blue eyes and a beautiful smile in t… Ler mais

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Fucked by Huge Cocked, Flashing Neighbour,

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As much as I want to talk about my lives experiences to men, knowing they will wank themselves imagining me doing all the stuff that turns you on, there comes a point when my imagination takes over and the tale, or story becomes my female fantasy, just as when I masturbate, I have my fantasies imagining myself in dangerous situations, frightening scenarios that serve to heighten my orgasms, even going out wearing a short skirt without underwear, hoping some guy will see more than he ever dreamed off and challenged you for a fuck and you accepted your fate and let him do it without protection.… Ler mais

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My Sister's Visit Part 2


I guessed that seeing someone sniffing her well-worn panties was all part of her education as Nancy stood there like a statue watching me marvel in my naughty pleasure, something that Val was well aware of as she used to feed me hers all the time when we were growing up. “Have you seen his cock?” Val whispered in her ear loud enough so I could hear, Nancy looked at me saying “Briefly this morning” and giggled, Val took the laundry and put it in the chair before reaching out and pulling open my robe exposing my cock which was sticking out at right angles, Nancy looked down open mouthed, “Wow!”… Ler mais

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Taking My Daughter and Her Friend to Work for the


Taking My Daughter and Her Friend to Work for the Week – Chapter 13.1 Chapter 13 – part 1 – Two Milfs are always better than one and a third makes it even more interesting! (I apologize for any grammar mistakes in advance. I’m a professional golfer, not a professional writer!) I needed to go by my hotel to shower and change into more comfortable clothes. Jen said she’d ride with me and then guide me to Gloria’s place. Gloria walked with us to my SUV. She told Jen to behave until we were all together at her place. Then the two kissed and we pulled out of the parking lot heading to my hotel. Rig… Ler mais

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wheelchair sex....part 7 (the beginning cont'


please read the other parts of as i continue to tell this part of the story from Nadine's eyes. i wondered why Nadine was such a submissive woman who knew exactly what she wanted and was not shy about telling you. if you recall from part six Nadine was placed on a recliner chair with a clear view of the bed. Nadine's cousin and her friend had literally attacked her aunt. pulling her clit, pulling her nipples, smacking her pussy. Nadine remembers her aunt Sally enjoying all that attention. this started Nadine coming as well. Nadine at this point was surprised at the number of orgasms she was h… Ler mais

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Sexo em grupoHardcoreTabu

CHAPTER 3: BILL’S SURPRISE When Bill came home Friday afternoon, I rushed home from work with the cum of all four of my co-workers in my cunt. I made a special request of the men that they all fuck me so I could show Bill what a good slut I had been for him. I knew he had been in communication with Jerry during the week beside his nightly calls with me. He had taken a huge gamble to go on the road the very week I started my new job as secretary and slut for Mortensen Sales, a small four man office. I knew he worried ab… Ler mais

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Good Doggy - Collaring A Bitching Wife


Now I loved my wife, but her rich parents had spoiled her rotten and also ignored her for her whole life. She complained about everything, fix the lightbulb, don’t swear, wash our cars, go to the store, were out of sugar. I was ready to divorce her. But after we went to my nutty friend an unconventional Psychologist he concluded she had been ignored by her parents. She needed a lot of personal attention to overcome her personality problems. He said suggested we try a new therapy; treat her like a total submissive. He said making someone submissive through submissive “role playing” is treatin… Ler mais

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Lena's Love Lessons 2: Lusty Love Lips

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Lovely looking Lena is exactly eighteen years and six months on the last Friday of August in 1973. She is still a virgin and completely innocent about sex. She even never touched herself 'down there'. It is after her first week of studies in Amsterdam. It turns out to be an erotic evening she will never forget, the sweet sexy start of her many major love lessons. Lovely looking Lena looks forward to a full weekend of love lessons from her hot big bro Bert. He promised to teach her everything she needs to know before she meets a boyfriend. From kisses and caresses to hand and blow-job… Ler mais

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Sexy Tina


This happened a few months ago. I was having serious marriage problems, my wife, a nurse worked the day shifts I a factory worker had night shifts just to avoid each other. We were passing each on the downswing of our life together. Neither of us getting anything remotely satisfying out of the marriage anymore. I had already had two affairs and know for sure she has been fooling around too. I started noticing the barely legal girl in our building who lives on the 2nd floor, her father is a friend of my wife, they are lovers I think but can not prove it. Not that it matters, we’ve stopped prete… Ler mais

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