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My sister used me!

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My introduction to sex was at the hands of my older sister. We were about 12 &15. Mum and dad both worked so my sister and I were home alone after school until they came home. Sometimes after school Pam would bring a boy home and they would go up to her bedroom. I could here giggling and moaning going on but at that age didn't really know what was happening. One day I asked her what she was doing with the boys after school. She laughed and said 'I'll show you. I'm going to my bedroom. When I call you come up" I waited for her to call wondering what was in store and when she called I went t… Ler mais

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Fertility Down: Chapter 7. The New Normal

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Chapter 7: The New Normal It was a tough and weird, but after a few days everything started to fit together nicely. Rachel was kind of my girl. We hadn’t put any labels on anything and she, it helped that she kind of fit in with Dan and Jane well enough. But Jane was suspicious of Rachel. Which she had every right to be. Our very first sexual encounter was based, in part, on a lie. But since then Rachel seemed to be the person I had hoped she was. School went on as normal. My encounter with Rachel and Stacy didn’t seem to make any gossip waves. The only thing going around was just my relati… Ler mais

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Aunt Cathy's Special Boy


She just walked in and told me straight. Shocked, all I could do was stare, the weight of my hanging jaw a vague impression. “Dirty b**st,” she said, glaring. Her fists were on her hips. Fire flashed from her eyes. I thought she was magnificent. I knew what she was talking about, but it played dumb. This was trouble. I’d over-stepped the mark by several long strides. I blurted out, “What? What are you talking about?” My face gave me away. I couldn’t control the heat rising in my cheeks and I knew I was burning red.… Ler mais

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Do it with my brother

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You know, Rohan, I think Vishal’s turned on by you,” Neha said as her brother, Vishal, left the apartment, giving me a smile. Neha’s my lover and Vishal’s her brother. Vishal moved in with me and Neha when he came to live in New York a couple of months ago, right after graduating high school. It seemed someone saw him in a high school drama production back in Iowa and thought he had real talent. So the second he got his diploma and turned eighteen, Vishal… Ler mais

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Friend And Brother Help Sister

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This story dates back to my college days. My both parents were working but we lived on modest income like typical middle-class family. I had one younger sister. I was in the final year, sister was in a 1st year and our colleges were morning shift. Both of us were home by 12 noon when our parents were already gone. I used to solve difficulties of my sister in her studies. The whole afternoon was left to us bro and sis duo. My name is Sunil. Sister is called Anita. I had a very thick buddy (even now we are very close) whos… Ler mais

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Supriya Taking A Chance With Her Dad

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Supriya and her husband Jayesh were visiting Rajender (Supriya’s Father) after an year of their marriage. Rajender was happy to see them after a long time, especially his daughter to whom he dedicated his affection. She was just a c***d of 8 years when her mother expired in an accident. From then, he ensured Supriya got all the extra attention from him, he didn’t marry again although his relatives asked him from time to time to marry for his own sake. He was so protective of her. And now, his daughter Supriya (23) is a ha… Ler mais

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The Wrong Movie

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Dinesh!” Rachana yelled, gazing in horror at the television. She turned to her brother with fury in her eyes. “You dirty little bastard!” She lunged forward on the couch and started hitting him around the arms. “I can’t believe you rented a porno!”“I— ow! Stop it!” Dinesh did his best to try to block the blows his sister was landing on him with shocking frequency. “Ow! Stop hitting me.”Rachana relented for the moment, lowering her fist and glaring irately… Ler mais

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Sweet Brother And Cute Sister

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My sister Saranya (21) was about to go to the USA for her higher studies in few days. I and my parents were really happy about it. Although my mom was a little worried, I and Dad assured her that it would be good for my sister. I am Vikram (26), working in a small law firm. My Dad is a bank manager and mom’s a teacher. Our family was a close knit one, always been there for each other when required. Even though our parents were away from office, they always ensured me and my sister got all the care from them, never let us… Ler mais

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Family Pilgrimage Turns Into Sex Mania

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I know it has been a while and I am sorry for that but exams and other life stresses were finally handled and now I can get into sharing my sexcapades. This is the not about the 6 beautiful days I had with my kausi chitti’s daughter (a story for another time) but of another incident. This was during my visit to one of your standard south Indian agragarams yes people srivilliputhur. The story begins at central station in Chennai and our entire family is bo… Ler mais

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Wifes Adultery And Incest In One Stroke

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Sarita is a 21 year old mother of a 6 month old c***d, happily married to Amar who is financially very well off. As the baby was now 6 months old, their sex life was back to normal. Sarita was a sexy girl and marriage and c***d birth had matured her like a fully ripe fruit without making her fat. As it was first baby, both parents were learning to be mom and dad to the baby. At times, if the baby was not well, it will not suckle. This would create knots in Sarita’s breast, further making the suckling of milk difficult by… Ler mais

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Desires of an Indian Mind


My name is Rajesh Aiyer. I am 30 years old working in a multinational company in Mumbai. I am cheerfully hitched to Pari who is 28 years old and works as an interior designer in Mumbai. It's just been a year since we got married and on mutual consent we decided we would expand our family only when we are financially stable. We live in a leased apartment in Mumbai and are occupied in our work life. I am writing this story to share my sexual experience which happened to me in the last decade. I am changing the identities and names of the people in this story to respect their privacy, likewise… Ler mais

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A Fathers Dream


Every one in this world has a dream. I am not speaking of the outside dreams, but of inside dreams; dreams which you never told to anyone and which you never tell anyone; dreams which you never try to realize them, but dreams which you always dream of. Every one has a dream about his love and life partner but every man also has dream of sex. It is a sexual fantasy. A sexual fantasy you dream to see or to try it. I have my dream. A dream weird to many but it is my dream. My name is srikanth. I was born in a society which is just developing, a society with values and morals. Sex is distant affai… Ler mais

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The family Sex Toy.


Vanessa squatted on the big black cock as her husband watched. He was gagged and bound to the chair. The two young black men wore balaclavas when they came in to the living room held his wife with a knife to her throat. "Cooperate or else" he had gestured with the knife. He didn't have much choice he was lying on the floor , Vanessa had been sucking his cock at the time. Now he was bound naked to a chair in the dining room her wet panties stuffed in his mouth and his mouth taped shut. The worst part was he was enjoying it. What the fuck. His cock was rock hard and throbbing. Vanessa was 10… Ler mais

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Vicky Last month, my wife and I decided to get our bedroom decorated, but as I was so busy at work we decided to get a couple of quotes from a few professionals. We decided to go with a local guy called Vic. He was in his forties, slim but looked reasonably fit and up to the job. It was going to take a few days so we left him to get on with it. My wife was working away for a couple of days and I was home based so at the other end of the house and out of the way. I think it was the second day that Vic had been there and I had a meeting out of town, so he was left in the house alone for the day… Ler mais

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Sexo em grupoMaduraTabu

WHAT YOU SHOULD KNOW … This is a story that is intend to be a part of a series grouped under MOTHERS & DAUGHTERS. Each story will be independent. The stories will ultimately cover a range of genre. These will be shorter stories of one chapter which is different from my previous efforts as a writer. I hope you enjoy them. This is an office-slut story. This is a story around a mother, Connie Mason, and her daughter, Dawn. Connie is 36 and Barb is 19. Both women are trim with blonde hair that is straight and falls… Ler mais

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My Son, So Forbidden.


Oh God what was she doing she thought! Here she was embracing her own son, naked apart from a flimsy nightie which her son had managed to lift and bundle around her waist. Her pussy was wet, fully aroused. It had happened all so fast. Her young son, her only c***d, she should not be in his bed with him, naked as he is, as young as he is, and as sexually aroused as he most certainly is. It is wrong, oh so wrong, she must put a stop to it now. He was in Heaven. He could not believe this was happening, a dream come true. He was doing it for the first time and with the only person fan… Ler mais

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An Unexpected Admirer...


(This is a story that a friend and me wrote together over a number of sessions, fantasising about a girl I know. I keep coming back to it, so thought others might enjoy it...) Rachel is sitting in the busy reception hall of her sister's wedding, one hand idly straightening her heavy purple silk dress, the other toying with the stem of her wine glass, as she makes idle conversation with some family friends and distant relatives. She has been up on the dancefloor once, with her husband, until he found some old drinking friend. She sighs, not noticing how one of her uncles has his gaze fixed on… Ler mais

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Frankly, he was bored, 18, not the most hansom of lads, though fit and capable he was shy, his name Toby, and living with his mother and father in a cottage on a farm on the Sussex, Kent border, he hadn’t get a lot of chance to break out of the sexual drought that he had been “enjoying “ since school broke-up for the summer! He wasn’t a virgin in the true sense of the word, as he had struck lucky when a sixth form girl named Anne had thrown a dart at a list of the lads in the class, the bet between the gang of girls, being that Anne being such a young self-confessed whore, could seduce any on… Ler mais

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My First Experience

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I had always been with woman. In my sex with woman I've always been very dominating and I loved it but my fascination was always in being dominated by an even more dominating man. Like compete, lose and get dominated. I thought this is time. I started online and found a super hot partner. He told me that he likes more or less the same thing but he doesn't necessarily wants to dominate but wanted us to compete. He said we'd compete and whoever wins will dominate. We made each other promises. If he won he'll take me like I can never have imagined before, and if I won I'll take him as if he was… Ler mais

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Holy Abstinent Priest

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Holy Abstinent Priest Londebaaz Chohan Amanda recognized the voice of Father Suczewski from the St. Patrick’s community church calling this number. He asked for Mr. Norton or Mrs. Norton but when Amanda told him; they were out for the day; Father took a breather and informed her that both of her parents were at the church that morning and informed him that Amanda was rapidly growing and she was no more a girl but a very pretty, innocent and young woman. Amanda blushed to hear this although she was safe at her home and Father was about a mile away at the church. Father Suczewski, was s… Ler mais

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