DOA MV - Thong song

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Just a little thing before the release of kunoichi 2, and my eventual review of it. ENJOY!

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a Khan-sama: nothing yet. mostly cause when i try to get into it, i'm just reminded of your hatred towards FOW
a FutaFanatic: ok then, did u c kunoichi 2? what did you think?
a FutaFanatic: Guess who's back buddy. Just uploaded the Calm version of Kunoichi 2, under publication by xhamster now. Vicious version and out takes coming soon.
a FutaFanatic: ok, just to let you know, I thought for the most part (except that supposed kasumi looking almost identical to hayate) and a few things here and there, it was a good trailer. they got a lot of it right. But even I will wait till the full thing comes out, as they announced on Nov 13. Don't know if it's gonna be on xhamster, but i'll try and put up an xhamster version of the vicious and calm review (that's right, i'm doing 2 versions of my review from now of FOW's movies.)
a Khan-sama: I haven't seen it. I'll check out the full once it's released
a FutaFanatic: I'm sure their patreon supporters can bat for FOW, I know for fact that the reasons were invalid. But this while tirade about cyber bullying, all I said was. "what a fucking pussy! DC!"
After that DC responded like a man, don't get it twisted, he shoved it down the complainants throats and got his man cards back, doing it for Subversive with the Kunoichi 2 trailer.
So... have you seen it yet? what do you think. Please have a look at it.
a Khan-sama: Tumblr may not be stricter than youtube. But they don't give a fuck
One report and your whole blog gets taken down and you have to get other people to appease for you if you want it back.
And it's Subversive who said that he'd need to think about how his site would fare if this issue arises again. Not FOW saying where they'll upload their stuff. In fact, DC's post says they'll continue to upload despite the attempts at being taken down.
a FutaFanatic: well, if you must know, someone reported Rant on KuIntroducing FOW Chan on youtube, and I got it recovered. I doubt that Tumblr is stricter than youtube. But his reaction. "if this happens again then I have to reconsider who can get my shit" What? THAT'S WHAT THE BULLY WANTS. AND YOU SURRENDER? Nah man that's bullshit. Once my siht got taken down, I immediately went to dailymotion and reuploaded it. I was determined more than ever to post my shit. Then I got the youtube vid back online...
Anyways, did you see the Kunoichi 2 NSFW trailer?
What do you think?
a Khan-sama: I don't know what this Aardvark guy is doing. But if his harassment can get FOWs videos and stuff taken down then that's an issue. If it's anything like tumblr, just reporting it can get it removed with little chance of recovery and that's bullshit.
a FutaFanatic: dude, it's cyber bullying. one of the pussiest forms of bullying. and. it's a grown man. you have to be extremely EXTREMELY soft to be threatened by cyber bullying man, come on! What's next? people won't allow you to give them mean stares? I am not cut from that soft cloth i'm afraid. Yes it bothers me to see grown men capitulate to such softness. In the 90s early 2000s, even women would find cyber bullying too childish.
Anyways, DC replied appropriately by releasing the NSFW trailer for Kunoichi 2. Did you see it?
a Khan-sama: The only issue I see wrong in his post is retaliating the issue. Instead of bringing awareness to their followers and ignoring it. Unless the harassment is a huge issue to them. Which I do not know, as I don't closely follow them or their harassers.
a FutaFanatic: hey Fantic
did u by any chance, read DarkCrow's latest Tumblr post? I just facepalmed. A grown man crying about someone complaining about portal pooch, and then calling people big cyber bullies. A grown man... wow, I lost some man respect for DC. Of course you know it wasn't me who got portal pooch pulled, I actually thought it had some comedic value, and I reviewed it on my xvideos channel.
Anyways, have a look at that post and the insecurity and hypersensitivity shown by DC. lol.

"you big cyber bully! how dare you cyber bully me". just see how stupid that sounds. lol.
a FutaFanatic: Just saw FOW's new work. Queen of the Jungle. As the most vicious FOW critic, I gave it a 7/10. I actually liked it. Though a bit underwhelming at times, and animation, though very well drawn, feels still stiff, and ... guy has a tiny ass cock (what's their problem with long dick mother fuckers I don't know. lol) music was really good, girl was actually preety (I don't know if she's from any game or what not, probably is). VA was actually good. Still, game itself ran into too many dead ends for me, and I couldn't find any cumshot scenes. Still good sign of improvement, so I recommend you go watch it.
a FutaFanatic: thxs man.
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