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FTV Jenni Cute Leggy Blonde Teen Compilation

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The Blonde Girl on the left is me Please Let Me save your and your friend´s Life´s this you eat only vegetarian and vegan and this you not all hunting not anymore not kill and hurt animal´s and people´s please do not use product´s where from animal´s get hurt´s and killed please i love suck cock´s and swallow sperm yes sperm in and on my both open eye´s enjoy fuck me hardcore with your cock and sperm in my throat vagina asshole ! : https://thumb-p8.xhcdn.com/a/4HJ6pnGwOdWPk4hZtn7T5g/000/266/220/008_1000.jpg https://thumb-p2.xhcdn.com/a/5HObUxZMENS23U-SfxQ7Jg/000/266/219/592_1000.jpg
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Well Jenni, you're not that attractive. That could have been overlooked by you being more 'into' wanting to masturbate, but the director had to 'ask' you to do everything. He also had to ask you questions like; "how do you masturbate & what sexual positions do you like". These are things that you should already know about yourself & you should have told him without him having to "ask" you.  Also, when he asked you why you wanted to get into porn, you said; "Because you like sex & making money". All well & good, but your lack of enthusiasm is just sad. You do know that this was a type of interview to see if you could work in the porn industry,  don't you?! Also, when the director asked you to taste yourself, you grimaced & made a face reminiscent of a five-year-old who didn't want to eat her dinner. Jenni, you seem to be very immature. You are NOT ready to be in this kind of business little girl.
há 16 dias
Beautiful young lady!!!
há 18 dias
Crappy quality
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