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JAV having sex while my friend watches begins Subtitled

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JAV real life friends impromptu group sex party begins via an exposed handjob and other types of play including light lesbian licking in HD with English subtitles

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OMG where did they find this moron.
há 2 dias
Love how it's filmed and the english subtitles. I've always wondered about what is being said in the jav clips.
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a jaldan: Hey, jaidan, thanks for your message. Unfortunately, it is inaccurate in some respects. One, xHamster is not always aware. I have discovered spammers that have been on the site for as much as a month. Two, even when I have reported spammers, initially xHamster sometimes doesn't take action. I have had to make several reports before the spammer is eliminated. Third, if you report a spammer, sometimes xHamster will retire him in less than an hour. The faster a spammer is eliminated, the less harm he can do. Most of that harm is done in less than 24 hours. Regards, HR
a HRHitter: No point in reporting the spammers.  XHamster is aware.  Just ignore them and we usually will quickly 'report as spam and delete' their comments when we check our feed each day.
a Kinkywheelchair5: Hey, kinkywheels5, no, they didn't put out the video. That would be constructive. These people are leeches. And, I always report them, often multiple times. So far, I have helped remove more than 250 spammer profiles in 3 weeks.
a HRHitter: Did they put out the video? You know you can contact Xhamster for help right? It says all the way down. Contact us..
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