Real Live Love Doll-by PACKMANS

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Tempo decorrido: 36:18
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10 meses atrás
very nice
1 ano atrás
Excellent performance by the girl. I would love to know her name so I could check out her other movies. It goes to show that Japanese girls can have sex without that persistent whimpering.
1 ano atrás
I would love to have this girl as my own little live japanese sex doll, she would get treated so well and get so much loving attention, and her tight, warm little japanese pussy would be overflowing with load after load of my hot thick cum, but of course i would clean up the mess i left behind in her and make sure i lick and suck up all the cum i left behind in and around her lovely pussy.
2 anos atrás
Such a pretty real doll - I want to play with her too
2 anos atrás
wow I'm very submissive on multiple levels but this is new to me. I may just try it after I study the video. hmmm
2 anos atrás
What a fuckin hottie
2 anos atrás
Not a real doll right? That was a real woman
3 anos atrás
Thanx, Packmans!
This is not that erotic, but worth watching once, as an example of that weird, wonderful and kinky land of Japan!
3 anos atrás
Delicious doll
3 anos atrás
love this kind of roleplay
3 anos atrás
Very strange.
3 anos atrás
Two differences between this and sex with the ex: she's a WHOLE lot prettier; and aside from sex, the ex never STOPPED yapping!
3 anos atrás

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