Two Girls get their hairy Pussies shaved

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14 dias atrás
first pussy so juicey and 'meaty'...second pussy so tight and (also) wet... nooooo---don't shave those lovely pussies! now i'm sad :-( i want to fuck both pussies---but if i have to choose who is first i want first pussy first but don't leave second pussy cause i still hard for next! such beautiful pussies
3 meses atrás
oh, this is great :-)
5 meses atrás
Beautiful pussies
2 anos atrás
Would be cool to see a tongue in those twats.
2 anos atrás
I prefer them hairy, but it makes a change to see shaving.
Lovely young girls, with or without the cunt hair.
2 anos atrás
3 anos atrás
utterly delightful, two delicious young ladies turning the clock back 3-4 years to when the were 11-12 with lovely smooth cunts...a real pleasure to enjoy those sweet fresh cunts!
3 anos atrás

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