wife share his husband with her best friend

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1 mês atrás
3 meses atrás
too bad the quality of this vid was so poor if they had a decent camera this would have been epic
7 meses atrás
So much fun
1 ano atrás
I love to fuck my friend's husbands. it's so much fun!
2 anos atrás
This clip brought back memories of my first threesome,my girl tasted pussy for the first time and kissed me deeply,she then took another man and I watched as she took his dick doggie till he filled her with cum and it oozed out,we fucked so hard afterward.
2 anos atrás
Lucky, I'd love to fuck a few of my wife's friends.
2 anos atrás
Anyone have the full version?
2 anos atrás
Thanks for tip on full vid, very hot, wife is soooo sexy!
2 anos atrás
The full version is even hotter.
2 anos atrás
Nice vid, but needs clearity. The guys wife is OMG HOT !! Just wish video was clearer. The money shot wasn`t there either. Make another video.
2 anos atrás
full vid here Couple has fun with a hot teen - Amateur sex video - Tube8.com
2 anos atrás
thank you for the info!
2 anos atrás
If you go to yahoo home page and search couple has fun with a hot teen-tube8. You will find the full length 36 min. version of this film. Smokin' hot let me tell you.
2 anos atrás
Wow!!....blondie looks amazing.
2 anos atrás
I wish my wife had girlfriends that were this hot :)

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