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Business and Pleasure: Seduced CD Pt. 2

AnalHomem GayTravestis

... I breathed in his musky scent while I squeezed and pulled his ample ass cheeks. I could smell that unique man scent coming from between his legs, sweat, moisture, precum, cologne all together. I… Ler mais

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One interesting week (Part 1)

MadurosHumor sexual

... This is part one of three, of a interesting week its no secret, well of course its in my bio on this profile that i enjoy e****ts, working girls, prostitutes, hookers, whatever you want to call… Ler mais

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Declaración de intenciones


... - Uy, hola- dirás. Y añadirás: siempre coincidimos en el mismo sitio. Y yo sonreiré, porque no creo en las coincidencias. Y entonces te lo diré: no es ninguna casualidad, hace tiempo… Ler mais

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You make it Mua-Fuckin' Sweat

HardcoreSexo interracialMaduros

... I would lick the Sweat from up under her Titties, witty emotional thriggy thrashin' pulses pouncin'while ousting your wet warm. Nani probably taste like VeNOM inner in a off vaginal wall.Rip thru when… Ler mais

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iWant To Go Further #4 - iGo Back


... iCarly: iWant To Go Further #4 - iGo Back [Carly and Sam are still early in their relationship. When the more experienced Carly wants to go faster, how will Sam take it?] There were definitely… Ler mais

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A moment in Taos

FetichePrimeira vezTravestis

... I recall another meet I had with another dresser who happened to live in Taos NM. Again I met her on-line and after exchanging a few e-mails we planned to meet. At that point in time I was like… Ler mais

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The morning after


... I awoke to the soft rumble of thunder. The window was open and I could hear it raining outside. It did not surprise me, since it had been forecast, but had hoped it would not rain. I looked… Ler mais

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Stories of Lizzy Chapter 2


... Oh god, who on earth could it be? Lizzy thought to herself. What a bad timing to call upon. She sat up on her bed, listening again, making sure that there was an absolute need to attend to the door… Ler mais

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Sweet Peeper by loyalsock

Primeira vezHardcoreVoyeur

... Owen watched the girl turn down the covers and set the candles in place on his bed stand. She was so careful and exacting, he wondered if there was some set way things where done. He had never… Ler mais

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Le mie storie (24)

MasturbaçãoPrimeira vez

... Prima di tutto voglio ringraziarvi per l'affetto e la costanza con le quali seguite questi miei racconti. Da parte mia provo a rispondere ad ognuno di voi quando mi scrivete in privato e mi scuso… Ler mais

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No I did not win the lotto but this made up for it

Primeira vez

... Here we are again with a 'true' story this time well maybe some 'fiction' ? Many years ago there was a vey pretty young lady next door who had no ' mum' as such and a 'dad' who was always working… Ler mais

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Best fuck in years

Sexo interracial

... Story starts around 12:40 am in the streets of Cairo at Dokki street exactly, she was half asian half swidish, she was heading back home when she stopped by metro market to buy some stuff, i saw her… Ler mais

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Me & Teasyme, Kitchen fantasy


... I started this story , because she promissed me a dinner , cooking naked, and having some fun in the kitchen, so i hope everybody wil be happy especially you....Teasyme With intent of surprising… Ler mais

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She's Dreaming


... She's dreaming about sex. I can tell. Every now and again she slightly arches her back, ever so slightly grinds her panty clad hips, gently bites at her bottom lip still smeared with the hot red lip… Ler mais

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Sexo lésbico

... As you slowly undress me, my pulse rate quickens until it's hard for me to breathe. First I feel your lips, then your soft caress. next you're sucking strong, on a round taut breast. as your… Ler mais

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Geteilte Welten Kapitel 15 -

Homem Gay

... Einfach nur glücklich Marko hatte sich lang auf dem Sofa ausgestreckt, den Kopf in Tims Schoß. Er war eingeschlafen. Sanft streichelte Tim ihm durch die Haare und über die Wangen. Verliebt… Ler mais

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Primeira vezVoyeur

... Det började när jag var 14 år och min kropp började förändras, mina bröst blev känsligare och det började växa hår på venusberget. Vid 15 år när jag var över hos grannen där jag för övrig ofta var… Ler mais

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Kåta Mari/Horny Mari


... Solsemester och bad. Det är sköna saker som återkommer i våra liv. För egen del brukar jag och familjen ta bil och husvagn och kuska runt över hela vårt långa land. Det är en viss känsla att bara ta… Ler mais

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Договор за кафе

Sexo interracial

... Ја познавав уште од дете. Во исто маало растевме, во исто школо учевме, во исто одделение, и во средното во ист клас бевме...И, никогаш посебно не ја приметував. Отидовме на факултет, и таа академска… Ler mais

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Humor sexual

... Ingredients: 4 Laughing eyes 4 Well-shaped legs 4 Loving arms 2 Firm milk containers 2 Nuts 1 soft, warm mixing bowl 1 Firm banana Directions: 1. Look… Ler mais

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